Milestone Introduces Push-To-Talk in its Mobile Client

The first Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) release of 2019 extends the usability of the Smart Client and takes it outside the control room with support for both one-way and two-way audio in the Mobile Client. This is beneficial for on-the-go security personnel, whose tasks sometimes require them to be away from the desktop Smart Client.

One-way audio allows users to listen to audio captured by the microphone connected to the camera, directly from their mobile phones using the Milestone Mobile application. Users can also increase their situational awareness when video is not available, for example in extreme darkness or when an incident happens outside of the camera’s viewing range.

Two-way audio takes the audio capability a step further with Push-to-Talk (PTT), a feature that allows users to speak through the camera-connected speaker directly from their mobile phones. This enables security personnel to use their VMS systems preventatively for things like access control, crowd warnings, and intruder alerts – all available on mobile.

Take action faster from anywhere with two-way audio in Web Client

The 2019 R1 version of XProtect also includes support for two-way audio in the Web Client. Two-way audio allows users to speak through the camera-connected speaker directly from the Web Client – anywhere. This transforms the VMS system into an interactive tool and helps users to respond quickly to things like access control requests and incident prevention, without having to be physically present in the control room or on premise.

Certificate-based encryption

XProtect 2019 R1 takes the system’s resistance to cybersecurity threats a step forward by encrypting all communication between the recording server and other servers and clients connected to it. Certificate-based encryption requires that all components communicating with the Recording Server – including third-party solutions integrated with the VMS system – follow a strict certification process, guaranteeing the system’s resistance to cybersecurity threats. This system design provides users with the best performance, encrypted end-to-end.

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