Milestone Managers Talk Top Global Market Position

For the 10th year running, Milestone is the number 1 global video management software (VMS) vendor by company revenue, according to the latest report from research specialists IHS Markit.

This year Milestone celebrates 20 years in business, and the latest IHS report confirms for the 10th year running that we continue to be the number one provider worldwide for video management software. Our open platform community and partnership business model are no doubt the reason for the positive development. We are proud to be a trusted and reliable partner in the community. – Lars Thinggaard, President and CEO, Milestone Systems.

Milestone had a solid VMS revenue growth of 21% over 2016, which was almost triple the overall market. In 2017 Milestone Systems had a global VMS market share of 10.2% compared to an increase from 9.1% in 2016.

We are not number one by coincidence; we are number one because of our strong community of partners and our ability to innovate. However, being number one also comes with some obligations: We must keep on providing reliable software and help make the world see! – Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Marketing Officer, Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems also maintains its number one position in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with a market share of 12.4%, compared to 11.7% the year before. The key for such achievements seem to be Milestone’s commitment to openness.

Milestone is transparent about our values: our commitment to openness has spawned a business model for thousands of partners to grow, working with the open platform as a solid foundation for high performance that benefits our mutual customers. – Benjamin Low, VP APAC, Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems also holds the number one spot in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) with an increase in market share to 17.1% from 14.8% back in 2016.

It is important to operate well in the present, but equally important is being able to deliver on a strategic vision for the future: “Striving to realize greater success across the industry is central to Milestone’s DNA. We encourage our partners to reach higher. We believe that winning requires an abiding understanding that innovation is never finished; that discovery never ends. – Malou Toft, VP EMEA, Milestone Systems

Regarding the Americas, Milestone Systems has jumped up one spot and now ranks as number two in the region with a 11.3% market share compared to the previous 9.6% in 2016. Milestone works hand-in-hand with its partners, rooting for each other’s achievements. The partner’s success is also Milestone’s success.

Milestone’s open platform community serves as a force multiplier that continually enables strong growth from every side. This is very powerful and self-propelling in its evolution through sharing knowledge and expertise. – Tim Palmquist, VP Americas, Milestone Systems 

Throughout its 20 years of operation, Milestone has redefined the industry’s expectations for the capabilities of video technology and its potential with an open platform. Milestone and its community of partners have helped shape the technology industry by creating meaningful investments in the development of the industry.

According to Lars Thinggaard, Milestone will continue investing in the partner community with a focus on new technologies from cameras to access control, video analytics and beyond.

We believe in a future where video will play an even more significant role to understand the data sources from the increasing number of devices that connect people and assets. – Lars Thinggaard

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