‘Milestone – Our People’ Video: Latin America

At the Expo Seguridad security industry trade show this April in Mexico, we interviewed our key Milestone manager for Latin America: Juan Carlos George. Hear how he sees the rocket trajectory of his career in the Milestone open platform video community.

Juan Carlos George is Sales Manager – Latin America for Milestone Systems and has now been with the company over a decade. He tells us his story in this video:

Milestone is my life, my second home, and the place where I’ve done a lot of things with the ability to be creative. For example, in Latin America we used to be a small company and it was just me, traveling with the software and a little camera. Today, in the Americas region, we are a full team, and we’re reaching another level with many departments and a wide variety of staff. People are the most important part of my story. A very special group of people from Mexico and Latin America supported me a lot at the beginning of my career. I am thankful because, at the end of the day, businesses are made by people. Companies are very important as they provide the basis, but people are the ones that make business possible. How we interact as people makes everything possible. In the end, whether interactions are with a competitor or a business partner, the right human factor is what really matters.

Milestone is growing and hiring in all regions: over 150 new positions await fresh talent. Check out the Milestone job opportunities now!

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by Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager – Americas, Milestone Systems