Milestone Participates in ‘NW Regional Women in Computing’ Career Fair at Intel

Hundreds of young women poured into the cafeteria at Intel’s Jones Farm Conference Center (JFCC) in Hillsboro, Oregon, on a sunny Saturday in April. Approximately 95% of them were Computer Science majors in search of positions in Software Development. It was a great opportunity to get involved in the community and generate some genuine interest in our business, even though Milestone currently does not have any Software Developer positions available in the United States.

This was Intel’s fifth year hosting the Northwest Regional Women in Computing (NWrWiC) Celebration. Attendees traveled from colleges and universities all over the West Coast. This year’s theme was Cybersecurity, so we fit right in, coming from Milestone’s leadership position in the development of IP video management software.

The doors opened at 8am for breakfast, followed by a keynote speech from Intel’s VP of Security Group Enterprise Solutions & Marketing, Candace Worley. Next, an undergraduate student from Washington State University presented her in-depth research project. Her topic? “Using Machine Learning to Identify Malicious Data Injections in the Smart Grid.” Impressive!

I arrived on site early with Ian Bowey, Milestone Sales Lead Qualifier, to set up our table in the cafeteria and mingle with other companies that were participating. By 11am, attendees headed to our room for the interaction of the career fair.

Ian and I spoke with many bright young women (and a few men) about their field of expertise, aspirations after graduating, and of course, what Milestone is all about. It was rewarding to see the level of genuine interest that we were able to generate in such a small amount of time. At one point, I stopped to listen to Ian speaking with a few individuals, and could see the sheer excitement on the young people’s faces in front of him. I was proud.

Before we knew it, the career fair was over and everyone filtered into the other half of the cafeteria for lunch while Ian and I packed our things. Recapping some of the conversations we had, he joked that it felt like ‘speed dating’ – when we were done speaking with one group, we immediately rolled into speaking with the next.

As a younger company (founded in 1998), Milestone’s U.S. subsidiary had not participated in anything like this, so it was an excellent way for us to get out in the community. Personally, it was a great experience for Ian and myself to put things into perspective. Every day, I feel lucky to work for such a great company.

At Milestone, we are encouraged to grow in our jobs. We get recognized with various awards and promotions for our achievements. We also have monthly happy hours, celebrate birthdays, and go on wellness walks.

It’s always nice to break out of our normal routines, so to have the opportunity to engage with individuals who share the same excitement for the software industry was a truly enriching experience. I expect that this will not be the last time that Milestone will participate in an event like this!

By Nicole Goodman, Sales Support Specialist, Milestone Systems