Milestone Partners Surpass 5,000 eLearning Completions in January

Congratulations to the Milestone Partners who completed 5,121 eLearning courses in the month of January 2018! The Milestone Partner Learning Portal has been live for nearly three years, and this is the largest number of eLearning course completions in a single month.

Particularly, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region saw growth culminating in 1,813 completions by Milestone Partners (not including Milestone employees who take our courses, as well). This is a huge ramp up since 2016. While use of the Partner Learning Portal is up throughout this region, we saw much of this growth in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, Singapore, and the Minato ward of Tokyo, Japan.

The mission of the Milestone Learning & Performance team is to empower the Milestone community to perform on the job. These record numbers of eLearning completions are proof that our partners are dedicated to learning how to successfully and efficiently design, deploy, and manage Milestone solutions for their customers.

We want Milestone Partners to be confident when working with our products, and make sure to have tools available that increase profitability with faster installs.

In 2017, nearly 6,000 completed our 46 eLearning courses more than 31,000 times! They spent an average of 14 minutes each session, which is the typical length of a course. That dedication is paying off as 87% reported being much or moderately more confident in performing tasks in the field after taking an eLearning course.

From surveys, partners indicated that while 55% are experienced with both IP Networking and the Security industry:

  • 11% are new to IP networking
  • 12% are new to Security
  • 22% are new to both

While APAC was number one for engagement for the first time, the three major world geographic regions were close in parity:

  • Asia Pacific – 1,813 enrollments
  • Americas – 1,482 enrollments
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa – 1,313 enrollments

In 2017, more than 7,000 customer end-user have also been busy increasing their skills on the Customer Learning Portal. According to Google analytics, Milestone customers accessed more than 10,000 modules of our Using the Smart Client and Web Client content. We have already added over 20 more modules to the Customer Learning Portal this year!

Like Milestone partners, these customers make up a diverse group spread over 142 countries in 2,035 cities, with Berlin, Germany, by far the largest.

By Megan McHugh, Milestone Training Marketing Manager

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