Milestone Protects Pompeii’S Cultural Heritage and its Visitors – A Smart Management Model For Historical Sites Everywhere

Video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion, seismic and hydro-geological monitoring, air quality control, drones: these are the integrated technologies managed by a Milestone Systems XProtect open platform video solution in one of Italy’s most visited sites. In real time it continuously monitors all sensors distributed throughout the Pompeii Archaeological Park. The system generates alarms in case of danger, vandalism and exceeding limits of environmental and energy impact.

The project is called Smart@POMPEI and stems from an operative convention between MiBAC (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism) and CNR (National Research Council), signed in 2016. Its aim was to realize a technological and integrated solution, to address the intelligent, sustainable and comprehensive management needs of the archaeological park.

Thanks to a great collaboration between the government institutions and the research centers involved as well as universities and some private companies, Smart@POMPEI has the goal to be an innovative technological pilot project for the cultural heritage sector — not only in Italy but also worldwide. It is meant to achieve as a model that integrates technology, protection and enhancement of artistic and historical sites.

“Smart@POMPEI was born thanks to the investments of the Great Pompeii Project, an extremely demanding operation, strongly desired by the Italian Government, aimed to strengthen the archaeological site, especially in its security and safety,” said Alberto Bruni, official representative of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Smart Tech for Flexibility and Care for Disabilities

The project has been studied in detail since the very beginning, and its name – Smart@POMPEI – is a clear statement of its goals.

The technological solutions have been chosen not only for the protection of Pompeii’s historical heritage, but also for the safety of visitors, with particular attention to assist people with disabilities.

“Milestone has played a fundamental role in this ambitious project. XProtect has allowed us to create a complete system that integrates a huge number of technological components, infrastructures and data. This has guaranteed the complete management of the archeological park’s security and continued developments.”

The video surveillance system integrated the cameras that are managed by the Milestone XProtect software platform. It represents a component of a complex IT project based on a solid network infrastructure, both optic fiber and wireless.

Thanks to the implementation of IoT technology, the system is extremely flexible, with the possibility to add any additional device at any time: a specific “must have” for the most optimized and sustainable management of the archeological site over time.

Beyond Security to Research and Training Model

At a time when knowledge and the analysis of information represents a real added value in terms of competitiveness, Smart@POMPEI has further ambitions to be a model for other historical sites. As an integrated technology demonstrator for the security management of people and monuments in both normal and emergency conditions, it is also aimed toward the development of research and training programs in the cultural heritage and tourism sector.

“Milestone’s open platform has an important, strategic value for this project, because it is the true integrator between a number of different systems. This guarantees the archeological park has the ability to envision the development of more projects, with no limit to the integration of new technologies”, added Alberto Bruschi, EMEA Leader, Community Business and South Europe Regional Manager, Milestone Systems.

An Archeological World Heritage Site

Pompeii (in Italian: Pompei) is a preserved ancient Roman city in Campania, Italy, that was destroyed in 79 AD when the nearby volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted, covering it in ash. The burial preserved it for centuries, and today Pompeii is among the world’s most significant archaeological landmarks. Pompeii was designated a World Heritage site in 1997.

Watch the video on Milestone’s You Tube page.