Milestone Races Hood to Coast

In support of cancer research, Milestone had a team running in the annual Hood-to-Coast relay in Oregon last weekend (our first company team ever doing this one). This event is referred to the “mother of all relays” as it’s the largest relay event in the world. It started in 1982 and is now based on a raffle system since there are so many entries. Each team consists of 12 runners in two vans, and the runners and vans have a relay run, from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast.

Hood-to-Coast by the numbers: 

  • 19,000 Runners traveling from Mount Hood to Seaside
  • 3,600 Volunteers
  • 590 Honey Bucket porta-potties
  • 450 Cancer survivors running or walking
  • 110 Ham radio operators
  • 40 Countries participating

Out of 1,200 teams, our Milestone team placed 974 (hey, we are slow and steady!). We started at 5:45am on Mt. Hood Friday morning and ended up on the coast in Seaside almost 34 hours later. Our pace average overall was 10:11 minute miles. We ran 200 miles and each runner ran three legs, total distance ranging from 13.5 miles up to almost 20 miles.

It was grueling and exhausting. Lack of showers, sleep, comfort, and personal space are just some challenges of this event – besides the distance being run. Running in the dark on country roads, constant use of Honey Buckets and living on bagels and Gatorade.

This was no easy feat, folks, but our team gave it their all and pushed themselves – sometimes harder than what they thought they were capable of. I have done this event many times with other teams but the Milestone team was by far the best team I’ve been a part of for the energy, positivity and support for one another.  I can’t express fully how amazing our employees were.

Thanks to Art McConneha and Kristi Corno for being the drivers for the vans, this was a luxury. Thanks to Kelven Harigyan for volunteering for the event (we needed to contribute three volunteers to the relay). And finally, thanks to Tim Palmquist for funding this event for Milestone, that promotes wellness and fitness. It was the ultimate team building event, and the relationships formed together in these vans are fulfilling.

By Rachelle Basaraba, HR Manager Americas – Milestone Systems