Milestone Systems: An Open Platform for Employee Professional Growth

Listed in both 2017 and 2018 as a ‘Best Company to Work For’ by Oregon Business Magazine, Milestone Systems works hard to provide an excellent work environment with rewarding career paths for its employees. In the Best Company voting, Career Development was ranked as a top priority for employee satisfaction.

An excellent example of this support for advancing employee career paths is with Keinan Miller, who recently moved from the Technical Support Team to a new role with the Learning & Performance group. Miller has been with Milestone for two years, and several months into his work with Technical Support, he spoke to his manager to express an interest in moving to Learning & Performance.

I spoke with my direct report at that time and asked for his thoughts on figuring out a path for making my move. He was very supportive, and he worked with a manager in Learning & Performance, and they both kept me in mind to help groom me for a shift to a new position. – Keinan Miller

Over the following months whenever projects came up where Technical Support was working with Learning & Performance, Miller was recruited as the go-between contact for the teams. During this time, Miller also worked on his personal skill development, taking several e-learning classes on writing user-assistance materials and knowledge-based articles and manuals.

As an Instructional Designer, Miller now builds e-learning materials but has also discovered that his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Salesforce experience from his time with Technical Support helps him relate to the learners’ and their knowledge needs. Miller is currently developing interactive troubleshooting guides and will continue to target performance-support tools to help Milestone partners fix and avoid issues independently.

Because of my work with Tech Support, I know our software inside and out. This knowledge is very helpful when it comes to teaching people how to use it. My primary project right now is building some decision-tree software to help integrators troubleshoot system issues. – Keinan Miller

In his free time outside of Milestone, Keinan does Olympic weightlifting and is creating his own computer game.

While Miller didn’t have an official, written plan for his career path, Milestone makes this available for employees through an internal, online HR process where employees can create an action plan. Instead of losing employees to opportunities outside the company, Milestone management encourages employees to consider options within other areas of the business.

Keinan’s move from Technical Support to Learning & Performance is a perfect example of one of our employees taking his career journey into his own hands. Keinan wanted to work toward Instructional Design, and he proactively began his development conversation with his Tech Support Manager and the L&P team to create that path. It’s an awesome story, and hopefully, inspiring for all employees to think creatively about their journey here at Milestone. – Rachelle Basaraba, HR Manager, Milestone Systems Americas

See Rachelle’s interview with Output PDX.  

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