Milestone Urges the Security Industry to Embrace AI Editor Joel Griffin reported on the recent Milestone Integration Platform Symposium held in Las Vegas. Excerpts here:

What seems futuristic today can be reality tomorrow. And the good news is we are part of this phenomenal industry where, if we work together, we can change the world. If we dare to dream together, we can make this a better place because I can guarantee you that what took us here today is not going to get us there tomorrow. – Kenneth Hune Petersen, CSMO, Milestone Systems

Bjorn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer for Milestone Systems, told attendees that it is “inevitable” that all devices will be connected and that all systems will use artificial intelligence in some way. In fact, he says the surveillance industry is already transforming as a result of these trends through three waves of innovation: aggregation, automation and augmentation.

Aggregation refers to the increasing number of sensors and systems being connected with one another.

We will be creating almost incomprehensible datasets, and we will be able to capture video and information from anywhere and about anything. In fact, we are creating the big data of video surveillance… We’ve already aggregated tremendous amounts of sensor information with thousands of cameras and other devices deployed – in some cases within a single application, which makes trying to use such a system virtually useless without some kind of automation tool. We need the systems to be automated, and autonomous, to help us navigate all of that input and information…The technologies necessary to support this increasingly intelligent world of devices are in place and ready to support this brave new world of artificial intelligence. – Bjorn Eilertsen, CTO, Milestone Systems

According to Adam Scraba, Global Business Development Lead for GPU maker Nvidia, recent advancements in computing, particularly as it pertains to what can be accomplished now using GPUs, have implications for a number of industries, not the least of which is security.

In security, I think we’re going to solve public safety and operational efficiency (challenges) in ways that are really impactful. This isn’t a science project. These solutions are in production today and I think they are truly going to make the world a safer place. – Adam Scraba, Global Business Development Lead for GPU maker nVIDIA

by Joel Griffin, Editor,

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