Milestone Video Platform Now Supports More Than 7,500 Devices

Milestone Systems has released Device Pack 10.1a for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions. The latest Device Pack offers new firmware support for partners Axis Communications, FLIR Systems, Hanwha Techwin, Honeywell and MOBOTIX.

New features include support for SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol), a feature that ensures camera video streams are received via secure end-to-end encrypted transportation method only by authorized clients, for an increased number of Axis devices. Also, Device Pack 10.1a carries implemented support for ‘Driver Command with Response’ on all Axis drivers, as well as fixing issues with connecting through HTTPS and appropriate handling of the speaker device of M1065-LW.

Device Pack 10.1a has implemented Milestone support for thermal events for MOBOTIX M16 Series and new driver support for SonyGenX, including bug-fixing on Edge retrieval for SNC-VB630 and Multicast Settings issues for Sony G7.

The new Device Pack offers support for the ONVIF specification 18.06. This includes a number of major enhancements and minor clarifications for better inter-operability among ONVIF-conformant clients and devices.
Device Pack 10.0a also supports ONVIF-based cameras for partners Mobotix and Arecont Vision, both of whom released their first ONVIF-based cameras in 2018.

With the release of Device Pack 10.0a in late 2018, Milestone Systems supports new logic for I/Os (Inputs/Outputs) for the Axis audio device driver. The device pack also has implemented support for variable bit rates for Bosch, support for additional analytic events for Vivotek, as well as for Siqura.

Download XProtect Device Packs here.