Milestone’s Eric Moe Talks About New Offerings

Director of Sales Operations Eric Moe spoke to SSI magazine last month about Milestone Systems’ newest video management software, as well as why it is important to create and support open solutions.

What is the top product or offering you are showing off at ASIS 2017, and what makes it unique or special from both security integrator and user perspectives?
XProtect Professional+ is the newest video management software from Milestone Systems that provides enterprise features at a price point that is mid-market friendly. Professional+ seamlessly connects multiple servers from either a single site or many different locations and gives users the ability to instantly search video from any location. It also effectively and efficiently manages user profiles, alerts, alarms, maps, cameras and access control integrations from a centralized location as if you were directly on-site…. even if you’re not.

What other offerings would you like to highlight, and what are some of qualities that differentiate them in the marketplace?
Milestone has fundamentally changed the way we bring innovation to the marketplace. Now supporting the Agile Development Model, Milestone is delivering 3 major releases each year. This change to our development process not only accelerates the cycle of innovation but also provides the best possible user experience and protection for our customers who keep their XProtect software current though our Milestone Care program.

What else is new or noteworthy about the company as the end of 2017 draws near?
To help our channel stay informed on new feature innovation, Milestone is investing in a new program called “Click for Demo.” This program gives visitors to our website access to a free, live, customized and individualized Milestone XProtect VMS demo. Visitors can see new features, discuss the benefits of a Milestone VMS solution and understand how to engage the Milestone Community to gain maximum value from their Milestone solutions.

What is your company’s overall value proposition to installing security dealers/integrators? Why should they partner with your company?
At the heart of the Milestone value proposition is freedom of choice. Everything we do at Milestone is centered around preserving this vital concept, rooted in our open platform DNA. In comparison, end-to-end, closed and proprietary systems represent the worst possible choice. We know that selling and servicing end-to-end solutions is best only for the manufacturer.

Creating and supporting open solutions, however, is best for the end-user, because it offers the greatest possibility for expansion and the most flexibility as needs change over time. This focus on value and freedom separates Milestone in the security marketplace. Our customers know that freedom of choice extends beyond the sale and initial deployment to provide maximum flexibility and the highest possible return on investment over the life of their systems.

One area where we see significant opportunity is in the Milestone Community. Milestone is working to further facilitate the sales and integration of third-party solutions from the Milestone Community of global partners (channel and alliance). Our initial focus is to bring systems and processes together to provide a consistent user experience and increase channel confidence in selling these solutions earlier on in the implementation planning.

Many of our top resellers are successful with this kind of action today, however, we are looking to expand the reach of our community and bring that beneficial experience to the entire Milestone channel, improving profitability with broader, long-term deliveries.

Anything else you that wish to communicate to the marketplace?
Milestone continues to invest in our E-Learning and Performance program with over 40 free learning segments now available on our website. E-Learning available from Milestone Systems is self-paced and categorized by role and various skill levels to ensure the best possible learning environment. Our goal is to continue to reduce the costs associated with gaining knowledge and experience in deploying Milestone solutions. Raising the bar on this knowledge helps our channel to run effective and efficient organizations while it also provides end-users the best possible experience.

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