Milestone’s New and Stronger EMEA Organization

Malou Toft, EMEA Vice President at Milestone Systems, announces a completely new organization in EMEA: the Europe, MiddleEast and Africa region.

“At Milestone Systems we have high growth ambitions for 2019. I have announced a completely new organization in EMEA. To stay on top, we need increased geo-focus in the region, even more community effort and stronger sales excellence to remain a winning team with exciting career paths for our talented employees and leaders.”

The new organization will help the Milestone community grow as they #make the world see beyond security in verticals like safe cities, transportation and retail. The new EMEA organization has three specialized sales areas and a strong consolidated sales & tech operation.

EMEA Channel Sales will be split in four new sales regions; North, Middle and South Europe as well as Middle East & Africa. EMEA Distribution & Emerging Markets will cover emerging territories as well as select pan-EMEA distributors in order to strengthen the relationships and create more value. Local distributors will continue to be managed in the local countries. Community Sales & Business Development is a new EMEA department with specific focus on specialized and strategic sales where end user specialists, customized development, technology partnerships and key accounts will reside. Also new is EMEA Sales & Tech Operations, which will be the centre of excellence for operations and supporting activities around Milestone customers and partners.

“To secure a strong local presence, I have full trust in our four new regional sales managers. Neil Killick will head up North Europe (UK, Ireland & Nordics). Michael Fontaine will head up Middle Europe (DACH & Benelux). Alberto Bruschi will head up South Europe (France, Italy & Iberia). Amine Sadi will head up Middle East & Africa. I am thrilled to have Christian Ringler as director for our new EMEA Community Sales & Business Development, Anders Johansson as director for EMEA Distribution & Emerging Markets, and Line Hjardemaal as director for EMEA Sales & Tech Operations. I will be acting director for EMEA Channel Sales until we have found the right candidate”, says Malou Toft.

And she recaps:

“This change is happening to bring us closer to our customers and partners by ramping up our community efforts. And we need deeper specialization to continue to foster growth. I believe that everyone in the Milestone community will experience positive effects from these changes, and I hope to see you soon at the upcoming MIPS 2019 event (Milestone Integration Platform Symposium) taking place in Copenhagen 25-27 March).”

See Malou’s profile on LinkedIn.

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