Milestone’s Open Platform and Open Doors Build Community

Milestone employees traveled to Portland, Oregon, from many countries to attend the yearly Milestone Kick-off Meeting for the Americas region. Included in the whirlwind week of activities was an open-house tour of the beautifully branded new office in Lake Oswego, where the walls are filled with oversize photos of Portland’s mesmerizing cityscape. The gathering entailed explorations of the building, toasts to a new year and exciting goals for business growth and cultural initiatives.

The open house embodied Milestone’s ideals, from the healthy hors d’oeuvres  to the jovial ambiance, from the warmth and personality to the energy and enthusiasm, the people of Milestone showed up in full effect.

There were heartwarming moments as faces were put to names by colleagues who usually are in touch from afar, and sincere thanks were exchanged for the hard work and correspondence of 2018. The beauty of working for a globe-spanning company is that you can make such a difference in someone’s life half the world away. 

Partners and customers from the Portland area also mingled in the crowd; as members of Milestone’s extended family, they were integral to the spirit of the occasion. Milestone has a flexible product portfolio, great channel of systems integrators, and a huge community – and Milestone’s real value is in its people. That was abundantly clear during the interactions that took place. The Milestone video management software (VMS) technology is open platform architecture for enabling partner and customer integrated solutions, the business model is open for the community collaborations, and the internal cultural values include openness in everyone’s actions and attitudes.

Milestone is moving into 2019 full of excitement and optimism about helping the world to see with video technology. The future is looking bright for the world’s number one VMS company.

by Eric McGuire, Sales Development Associate, Milestone Systems