MIPS 2020: Leaving No Partners Behind and Dispelling Cloud Myths

SSI Business Fitness columnist Paul Boucherle reported recently from Texas; key excerpts here:

Milestone Systems delivered its 15th annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) here at the Gaylord Texan hotel. The company needed a Texas-sized hotel to house the 700 attendees, and leverage their video roots to virtually engage another 1,500 global attendees; an innovative idea eliminating some of the “friction” to participate in a new way through the Cloud. Friction being defined as costs, time, travel and hassle. That would remain a theme throughout the symposium.

The big news was that Milestone has engaged in building a working relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a proof-of-concept stage to enable a fundamental shift in moving toward provisioning video to the Cloud, for all the right reasons. The new angle that makes this unique included the acronym BYOL (bring your own license).

Crossing from the on-prem video to the Cloud is like crossing a bridge, which Milestone’s Kevin Marier, director of technology business development, shared in his presentation. The smart part of this strategy?

They are leaving no partners behind by providing them with new choices they can evaluate as the technology Cloud rains down new opportunities for growth, scalability, cost reduction and speed of commissioning new systems. It’s all about choices to reduce client friction and provide a migration path for both early adopters and laggards alike … whew!

Marier also dispelled some common Cloud myths which he described as “Cloud washing” to help everyone better understand the true versatility of new edge Cloud technologies in entirely new ways.

A New York systems integrator, New York Security Solutions, shared with great impact the case study of a video deployment at the wework company that included Arcules technology and a vast amount of existing video assets that were reconfigured remotely and configured in the Cloud.

This included 10,000 connected cameras, 100 global locations, delivered in five months, saved the client $1.4 million, with zero down time and 1,000 users supported. The impressive part to the story? The systems integrator never stepped foot inside any of those facilities during the project. Buckle your seat belts.

A hybrid solution leverages the best of both worlds, while reducing technical and psychological shock to customers and system integrators. Milestone and their partners shared many different strategies, products and processes to accomplish that goal. To be clear, some friction is good to begin asking necessary, provocative and differentiating questions. Just make sure you have some answers first.

Great symposium! Congrats, Milestone, well done!

Read the full article by Paul Boucherle published on the SSI site February 21, 2020: https://www.securitysales.com/surveillance/mips-2020-dispelling-cloud-myths/