More Than the Eye Can See: Not Impossible

Just over a week ago the expansive, high-vaulted glass ceilings of the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City welcomed us into the Canon Expo 2015 unveiling the future of imaging technology. The building’s architecture set the mood for the uplifting visions of our parent company on display.

Held only once every five years in each world region, these events give Canon a stage to present what they are doing with the thousands of patents they own and create. They are among the top three organizations internationally for ownership of patents – which says so much about their strategy to be an innovative leader.

Court says ‘AMAAAZING!’ when closely inspecting the incredible depth of detail in this Canon 8K photo.

After three days checking out the exhibition, it was very clear to me that Canon wants to make a difference in this world and will demonstrate that leadership by improving all of our lives in measurable ways – and those of coming generations.

The entrance corridor to the show glowed in vibrant red with overhead screens playing a corporate overview of the many areas of Canon involvement: sponsorships, education, healthcare, astronomy, oceanography, business, film production and broadcasting, printing, business and home solutions. But Canon’s technology will be reaching far beyond such a list by sector. The exponential scope of applications are mind blowing. Here’s just a few of the attention grabbers for me.


IMG_1321Boundary-breaking imagery expands reality and ignites your imagination: ultra high def 8K film will be used for hyper-real moviemaking, sports coverage and immersive images that push the limits of what our own eyes can process.

CanonExpo-250mpCamera_ket_croppedThere was a prototype 250 MP camera with a lens so massive you’d have to be one buff fitness freak to hold it!

Mind-boggling microscopic nano-imprint technology for semiconductor devices can scope down in scale to resolve patterns beyond what is recognizable by humans: from a 10 millimeter bee to the 20 micrometer grain of pollen he carries to the 5 nanometer molecule of glucose in a drop of his sweet honey.

CanonExpo-VirtualTraining_cdp_croppedVirtual realities with 3D and thermal imaging can help people be trained to accomplish work tasks safely and remotely for high-risk, harsh environments.

A multi-million dollar Canon project in Hawaii is building a giant telescope with advanced lens technology that will open our views into new realms of the outer universe. Underwater visibility is also on the way from research in the sea worlds below: we know less today about that vast part of our own planet than we do about outer space. That will change.

CanonExpo-CommandCtr_croppedBody scanning technology, a DNA project and an integrated diagnostic patient dashboard will alert to, uncover and help manage disease before it can spread. Visual intelligence with smart Milestone video surveillance software, analytics and the latest image technology is already helping to make our lives safer and easier.

CanonExpo-Stadium_ketThe exhibit was beautifully built and laid out: the central hub introduced Canon’s many corporate involvements that support educational excellence, science and conservation. The Expo’s focus zones branched off from there: University Research, Medical and Wellness, Advanced Industry Solutions, Customer Experience – Training and Services, Visual Home, Empowered Enterprise Business and Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Inspired Professional Printing, Creative Storytelling in Film Production, broadcast breakthroughs for Winning Stadiums, and the Progressive Imagery Journey including Video Surveillance Intelligence and Synopsis.

The last day of the show happened to take place on 9/11. It was sobering tCanonExpo-9-11wreatho be in NYC on the 14th anniversary of this horrible event. My brother, cousin, friends and colleagues who lived in the city have many stories to tell from that cataclysmic day, and no one will forget the shock and trauma.

But today I do feel a little comfort knowing there are better things ahead. What is life without hope and good things to strive for? In the keynote speech Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai said: “Join us on the journey. Dream with us.”

The Canon tagline these days is ‘See Impossible’. I could definitely see how Canon’s research to continue developing their imaging technology is multi-faceted and far-reaching. It is impressive, awe-inspiring and motivating. I’m sure glad to be here and to be part of it.

Amazingly, Milestone’s ad campaign this year is ‘Possible Starts Here’, which was developed entirely independently. It’s nice to know there’s synergy in the world! And so many exciting things to look forward to.

See the virtual tour of the Canon Expo 2015 in New York:

Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Milestone Systems