Next-Gen Intelligent Video Analytics

Security News Desk sat down with Dr Boghos Boghossian, Technical Director at video analytics provider Ipsotek (a Milestone Solution Partner), to discover how new advances are driving this technology to the next level.

There is no getting away from the fact that Video Analytics has had a chequered history. A decade ago the tendency of some vendors to over-promise and under-deliver — with solutions appearing on the market that were frankly not up to the job — led to a degree of disillusionment. Many early adopters found that the reality of the technology failed to live up to the hype and, as a result, they were reluctant to commit to future deployments.

Fast forward to today and, thankfully, things have moved on for the better, as new fit-for-purpose and advanced solutions have started to prove their worth. Video Analytics has become essential technology with many benefits in security, safety, operational and business intelligence applications.

Ipsotek video analytics capture intrusion detection, for example in airports.

Dr Boghossian’s team is at the forefront of the research and development for a new generation of Video Analytics. Not only is there a real buzz in the air about the power of the increasingly sophisticated video analysis techniques that are being applied, but it becomes clear that the products are able to perform consistently at a very high level in even the most challenging of security-critical environments.

Ipsotek’s industry-leading solutions are much in demand to deliver enhanced situational awareness from real-time ‘live’ video streams as well as for post-event forensic analysis. To put the reach of their offerings into perspective, at the latest count its Video Analytics had been rolled out in over 500 installations worldwide, with critical infrastructure like airports being a particularly busy sector for the business, where it has secured 26 large airports globally.

How do Video Analytics add value from both a security and wider operational perspective?

Dr Boghossian is keen to tell us about the patented ‘scenario-based rule approach’ that Ipsotek has developed, which is strengthened by the application of advanced conceptual logic and cognitive analysis.

Ipsotek Analytics detect an Object Left Behind in an airport.

“The key differentiator here is that while there are many Video Analytics products looking at event detection, we actually focus on behaviour recognition through the identification of multiple events that may be occurring concurrently or in a certain sequence. This route allows us to better understand what’s happening in a scene behaviour-wise, and only then do we trigger the desired alert,” says Dr. Boghossian.

He asserts that this is a smarter approach to take rather than simply handing over multiple alerts to an operator and leaving it to them to sift through all of them to decide which, if any, are relevant.

Ipsotek video analytics capture suspicious behaviours like loitering

“The hybrid approach to video analytics adopted by Ipsotek fuses the scenario-based rule engine with a cognitive engine that performs supervised learning based on operator feedback to further improve the performance of the complete solution,” says Dr Boghossian.


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