Not Enough People or Not Enough Expertise?

Tech Support at Milestone Systems in the Americas region has been making some changes for the company’s partners and customers to get the expert CARE they need, when they need it.

The Tech Support teams in Oregon and Mexico City have doubled in size, including the expansion of services from phone support to on-site visits. In addition, the Solutions Engineering teams and Professional Services teams for the Americas are now combined so the entire Tech Operations department carries out both Solution Engineering and Professional Services work. It’s a great way to cross-leverage the experiences gained in the region!

Customer Experience Continuity

The previous separated focus on the Solutions Engineering or Professional Services engagements could create a disconnect in the customer lifecycle.  Now, each Solutions Engineer can provide holistic customer solution advocacy for the entire customer experience.

Combining these teams will deliver more staff to provide more services to our customers. Before, only two staff members handled professional services for North America. Having Solution Engineers and Professional Services Engineers in the same territories performing in different roles was not an effective use of resources, and having two different types of engineers working and traveling in the same territory was not efficient.

Getting Out of the Office and Off the Phone

This new option for more Milestone Support employees to get out of the office, off the phone, and into the customer installations first-hand is a win-win for all parties. Career growth for the engineers is an obvious plus, and these services can be a revenue multiplier for partners who book them on behalf of their customers.

Both Partner and Customer Needs Resolved

Perhaps an installing partner has too many demands from multiple customers to be able to handle the load? Milestone engineers stand ready to go.

Maybe a large customer wants to integrate a start-up biotech solution with their XProtect video management software, and their installer does not have that kind of programming expertise? Milestone Tech Operations can have the answer.

Installing partners can choose to do the basic implementations and system configuration, then bring in Milestone pros who can take it to the next level of fine-tuning or expansions.

The better the expertise applied, the happier the customers are with the outcomes.

Professional Service offerings from Milestone will continue to expand as the market develops, starting with Advanced Configuration using the XProtect Rules Engine and best practice standards for Encryption. Later offerings will be Health Checks against the Milestone Hardening Guide and more.

Running out of resources? Don’t despair! Call Milestone today.

By Steffin Burton, Senior Manager, Technical Support

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