Parramatta City Safe Completes Stage One of Video Surveillance Roll-out

Parramatta Council has completed Stage 1 of its CitySafe project, which includes a Milestone XProtect Corporate VMS managing Axis and Sony cameras. As in other major public surveillance applications, there are multiple interest groups in Parramatta and that has had an impact on lead time and the shape and nature of the installation. The actual construction took 12 months but started 12 months earlier.

Workstation_1Editor John Adams from Australia’s SEN Magazine goes to see the CitySafe solution, which gives him the opportunity to take a look at the performance of the Milestone XProtect Smart Client which is the front end of XProtect Corporate and its integrated Smart Wall functionality.

“XProtect is a good solution, simple to operate and with a collection of capabilities that make it ideal for public surveillance applications. Importantly, this VMS has been modified to meet the demands of Council operators – there are maps with camera directions depicted via click-through icon.

Looking at the system through an observer’s eye, it seems Parramatta Council had a clear idea of what it wanted to do and sufficient budget to install the best possible and most future-proof infrastructure. Everything about this system, from the network room to the control centre to the poles and cameras in the field, is a credit to those involved.”

For the full article, visit Security Electronics and Networks.

John Adams, Security Electronics and Networksby John Adams, Editor, Security Electronics and Networks


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