Partner Achievements Win Deserved Honors at MIPS19 Americas Event

The Milestone Integration Platform Symposium held its annual Americas event this week, with over 700 industry professionals gathered to explore the intelligent world of video and other technologies. The conference was filled with thought-provoking ideas and visions on how to make the world see a better tomorrow, and concluded with a Gala Awards Dinner to recognize the many achievements of Milestone Partners over the past year.

Distributor of the Year USA:
ScanSource leads by example with quality field engagement, outstanding marketing collaboration and a true risk/reward partnership approach. In 2018 there was a strong focus on the development and execution of unique plans that resulted in strong growth results.

Distribution Partner of the Year, Americas Regions:
Anixter has been a strong and supportive regional partner in both established and emerging markets, driving revenue from Alaska to Argentina. In 2018 a renewed focus on collaboration, operational streamlining and efficiency provided the foundations for growth in nearly all regions.

Camera Partner of the Year – Americas:
Axis Communications wins this award with the creation of the Milestone-exclusive product Axis Optimizer. With this we are realizing the powerful value proposition of the community. When partners bring products to market together, it proves we are better as an open platform than an end-to-end proprietary solution. Coupled with the robust Axis camera lineup and collaboration across teams, we are continually able to improve our integration capabilities.

Installation of the Year – Americas:  
Convergint wins this award for utilizing Milestone’s open platform to develop solutions that add value by streamlining business and security operations. Convergint exemplified flexibility and innovation in addressing critical needs including access control integration and a unique deployment program for customer SalesForce.

Solution Partner of the Year – Americas:
The Boring Lab created a robust management suite called The Boring Toolbox, integrated into XProtect VMS. The solution allows enterprise systems to bulk-manage devices and custom groups within the Milestone Management Client, to manage passwords in bulk, and to customize reports, in addition to the standard PDF export that XProtect offers. It is a toolset designed to save hours of time managing large and complex installations.

National Partner of the Year – Americas:
Convergint saw nice growth in 2018 with an increased collaboration in with Milestone integration partners like Snap Surveillance, BriefCam, Quantum and Spotter RF. Convergint has also invested in the Milestone relationship with nearly 200 professional certifications throughout the US and Canada. Our 10-year collaboration continues to grow organically through legacy CTC’s and acquisitions across the US and abroad.

Partner of the Year – West:
Stone Security focuses on training, certification, mutual business planning, marketing, top quality design, installation and system support, which continues to grow their business at a rapid pace. Milestone is their dedicated VMS offering allowing for strong connections across multiple integration options that satisfy customer needs.

Partner of the Year – East:
Affinitech marked 4 years of dramatic revenue growth in software sales. They have been able to successfully scale their business, adding new base licenses and deploying over 5,700 new device licenses in 2018 alone. Affinitech also values the open platform community and shares our collaborative approach to business. Holding a total of 12 Milestone certifications, they are able to confidently lead with Milestone 100% of the time. They even go the extra mile by customizing documentation to help customers easily convert to Milestone or upgrade existing systems.

Partner of the Year – Latin America:
Prosegur Argentina
has proven time and time again to be a top Milestone Partner. We celebrate their passion for innovation and their drive toward finding different ways to grow our business together – if not by VaaS or the integration with Lenel, it’s developing an online guard monitoring service and looking into how our Husky product line could fit in a very restricted market. They are dedicated to completing all available training options so they can remain knowledgeable and competitive. Because of this, they are confident when working independently, and we trust them as an open and accomplished partner.

Partner/Installation of the Year – Canada:
Convergint Calgary – The strategy of designing a tailored solution built on best-of-breed products has been Convergint Calgary’s recipe for success. Excellent customer service and reliable designs build strong relationships that’s difficult for their competition to dislodge. They leverage the Milestone Community to successfully introduce Solution Partners to existing customer accounts, creating more value for the end user.  Convergint Calgary is consistently one of the top performers in Canada, not only winning 2017 Integrator of the Year in Western Canada but growing in 2018 to remain a top competitor.

Technology Partner of the Year – Americas Regions:
Razberi has worked hard with Milestone to provide a small and mid-market hardware offering that is scalable to large distributed systems as well. The technology brought by Razberi offers compute and storage options as well as the ability to have embedded switches throughout the installation, allowing better management of the infrastructure through a centralized management interface.