Partners Help Develop Milestone Products

The open platform community is actively involved in developing new Milestone product features and tuning our product portfolio. How? Through our Advisory Board.

In May of this year, Milestone introduced to our partners how we are taking advice from our Advisory Board.

We have handpicked selected stakeholders who provide their views on potential new features, products or initiatives that will have a commercial impact or require efforts from the Milestone organization. These stakeholders all have in common that they represent a function rather than a company or person. It could be a reseller in a certain industry and region, or a specific executive function on a global scale. This structure ensures that we get broad input that represents all the commercial interfaces touched by Milestone, and it is a way for us to accurately measure whether a proposed feature will make a difference, and to whom. – Milestone Senior Product Manager Mikkel Winther

From feedback to new features added

Based on the Advisory Board’s answers, we score features and prioritize them in our product road map. And we can already see results: The recent XProtect R3 Fall Product Update’s advanced product features are included because the Advisory Board helped decide that they would make a commercial difference to their business.

Permanent finger on the pulse

In addition to getting proposed features vetted by the people who use, sell and distribute our products on a daily basis, we also learn a lot between the lines,” Mikkel Winther says. “What works in a certain region? What is seen as vital in some parts of the world but irrelevant in others? All of this helps us continuously improve our products with the help of a collective community effort. In the end, this benefits our hundreds of thousands of global users who keep people and assets safe every single day. – Mikkel Winther

Get the XProtect R3 Fall Product Update here.

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by Toyah Hunting, Senior Creative Writer, Milestone Systems