Peter Lintzeris Talks About Community in ISC West Video

I’d like to talk about the power of the Milestone community, and how our resellers can benefit by working with our solution partners.

We have over 150 solution partners. These solution partners can be access control companies, license plate recognition companies, analytics companies, etc. And some of these partners are exhibiting live in our booth at this show. We also have over 7,000 device partners, and the reason I’m using the term ‘device’ is that we used to work only with camera companies, but now because of the whole Internet of Things, we’re also working with speaker integrations, intercom integrations, I/O modules, and we’re always adding more and more partners into the equation.


The advantages for partners are that they can pick more than one camera manufacturer, they can pick more than one access control company, they can pick more than one analytics company — which means a cost effective and scalable solution for the end user.

By working together with the partners, and by working together with these programs that are in place, it allows us to always be on the leading edge in terms of integration with the latest features and the latest software.

What ends up happening also, is that our partners themselves continue to add new feature sets to their firmware and software. This is a key Milestone point that we stand behind, when we talk about integrated solutions — it’s not a static integration, it’s dynamic integration.

So, Milestone evolves with the software, as we also evolve with our partners when they add new functionality, and it’s a huge advantage for the end user.

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