Phelps2020 and Milestone Partner to Deliver Intelligent Video Enhancement with LucidView Plugin

Providing instant corrections with a single click on a variety of video quality issues such as contrast, shadows, low-light, glare, blur, fog, haze, etc., Phelps2020 has now partnered with Milestone Systems to offer its comprehensive video enhancement software, LucidView, as a validated XProtect Smart Client plugin. Processing both live and playback video, LucidView gives operators the additional video details they need to resolve incidents quickly and confidently.

Unlike traditional video enhancement functions which apply a pre-determined filter, LucidView analyzes each frame in real-time to determine which of a dozen image enhancement functions should be applied, then intelligently sets the parameters for the selected functions based on a human-like assessment of the information in the frame.

This powerful algorithm results in a single plugin that corrects for a variety of image quality issues such as contrast, shadows, low-light, glare, blur, fog and haze in real-time – and without any human intervention.

Operators can use this feature in one of three ways: playback mode, live mode, or video analytics pre-processing.

  • Smart Client Playback Mode: Operators who are struggling to identify critical details from incident footage can instantly enhance a collection of images and videos with a single click. This capability uncovers people, objects and actions that were previously hidden; increasing the likelihood of resolving an incident.
  • Smart Client Live Mode: Operators can apply LucidView to any video feed within the Smart Client that has become difficult to interpret. In cases where an operator is monitoring and reacting to a live incident, the additional details provided by LucidView’s powerful processing can provide the critical pieces of information needed to make the right call in the moment.
  • Smart Client Alarm/Analytics: LucidView can be used to pre-process a video stream before video analytics routines such as facial recognition or object detection are applied. Studies by Phelps2020 have shown that pre-processing with LucidView can increase facial recognition rates by up to 107% in compromised scenes, increasing the insight from, and trust in, video analytics.

Whether it is an outdoor metro camera that suffers from changing light conditions throughout the day or a university parking lot camera that is blinded by high-beams at night, utilizing LucidView uncovers critical details that help resolve incidents faster.

See sample results of LucidView in action shown here or read more about the Phelps2020 LucidView solution in Milestone XProtect.

If you are interested in seeing more with your existing cameras, please reach out to Phelps2020 to discuss how to upgrade your existing Milestone XProtect solution. Sales Contact: Sam Abidi, Director of Business Development,, 865-924-3548

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