Phoenix PD Secures Tri-City Sporting Events with Open Platform Video Management

The Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department had to provide security for two major, national sporting events in 2015, and the technology would require coordination with multiple cities and government agencies over the course of the events that drew more than half a million people to the Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale area.

Jason Tyre, a member of the Phoenix Police Department, the Homeland Defense Bureau and the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC), headed up a team that devised a comprehensive security solution. Milestone XProtect VMS was at the heart of the operation. Tyre and his team based operations at the multi-agency coordination center (MACC), a dedicated command center where officers monitored cameras, sharing information with federal authorities, transit officials, city and county police, fire departments and other security officials.

We tracked all sorts of incidents downtown, and provided our people with real-time info on exactly the best course to mitigate a situation. With this allocation of resources, we were able to locate individuals and assess situations quickly and effectively through the Milestone interface to the cameras. – Jason Tyre, Phoenix Police Department

With Milestone, Tyre and his team also had a solution that allowed them to monitor real-time calls for service. They were able to locate police vehicles across the entire security perimeter, plotting camera locations throughout the area.

This year, the department has already implemented lessons learned, applying them to the college football championship held in January, as well as the national college basketball tournament.

We’ve worked out many of the kinks in terms of communication and responsiveness: everyone on this team worked hard to build relationships and improve capabilities. We can now anticipate what’s needed and gain traction well before the events get started. – Jason Tyre

The Phoenix PD technology solution for the Public Safety Sector won an STE Gold Innovation Award in 2016, which was announced at the Secured Cities 2016 event sponsored by, Security Technology Executive and Security Dealer & Integrator magazines.

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