Positive Ripple Effects

Staying at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport recently, I grabbed a bite in the cafe on my last night. The waiter got to chatting and asked what company I work for. When I said Milestone Systems, his face lit up!

In a long career with international hotels, he had been working at the Hilton for 9 years but he remembered very well when Milestone occupied most of the rooms in this location for the January 2016 Kickoff conference. Almost all employees attended – more than 550 people came from around the world. Over 20 countries and countless cultures were represented.

The waiter told me with clear sincerity and enthusiasm what a great company Milestone was to work with:

All the Milestone people I’ve had contact with anytime or worked with on the event planning were SO nice to do business with. And invoices were paid on time – even in the café where salespeople had been talking on the phone at all hours to their accounts far away, their bills were paid every evening. Believe me, that is unusual in this business! – Hilton Airport Hotel Manager

I’ve heard this before from Milestone partners, suppliers, agencies and service providers: that we are reliable and responsible to do business with. And that we are such nice people, as well – a pleasure to work with. This makes me feel proud to work at Milestone.

160111-milestone-kickoff-024That global Kickoff event was the first time that ALL colleagues and management were gathered together since Canon acquired Milestone in the summer of 2014. It was good timing for our company’s leaders to communicate how the new ownership was working (independent status continues) and sharing strategic plans as we continue to evolve in the video management solution market.

It was a very informative week – almost a giddy time – with the excitement of meeting new peers and reuniting with old cohorts, brainstorming. What a really valuable experience to bring everyone together on a global scale to feel the real community that we are, working in pan-regional and cross-departmental teams, each of us contributing our expertise.


The waves generated that week have continued to move out to all the shores of our locations, and on to those of our partners and customers throughout the year.

Anyone looking to join or work with an active company with great colleagues?  Jump in and swim our way!

Courtney PedersenBy Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Corporate Communications Manager, Milestone Systems