Quantum’s New Product Line Designed for Video Surveillance and Industrial IoT

Quantum Corp. (OTCPK: QMCO) has launched the VS-Series with flexible data storage that efficiently records and stores surveillance. It can run an entire security infrastructure on a single cloud-like platform designed for video monitoring and industrial IoT applications. The VS-Series is available in a broad range of server choices, suitable for deployments with fewer than ten network cameras, up to the largest environments with thousands of cameras.

Smarter, Safer Buildings and Cities Drive the Need for a New Data Approach

Surveillance and security operations continue to get more complex, with more cameras, higher-resolution imagery, and increasing data retention requirements.  As buildings become smarter, everything from access control to lighting and HVAC systems are now connected – part of the “Internet of Things.”  There is an opportunity to simplify operations by consolidating and converging many applications onto a single platform.

“Scalable, flexible data storage systems are in demand to support pervasive video uses, such as in workplaces, city streets, shopping centers, schools, theaters and transportation hubs around the globe wherever security risks are identified. Quantum’s new VS-Series is designed to address this market,” said Josh Woodhouse, Senior Analyst, IHS Markit.

A New Software Platform Designed for Video Surveillance

Quantum’s VS-Series architecture is based on the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform (CSP), a new software-defined storage platform specifically designed for storing machine and sensor generated data. Like storage technologies used in the cloud, the Quantum CSP is software-defined, can be deployed as a virtual machine or as part of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

Unlike other software-defined storage technologies, the Quantum CSP was designed specifically for video and other forms of high-resolution content – engineered for extremely low latency, maximizing streaming performance of large files to storage.

The Quantum Cloud Storage Platform enables high-speed video recording with optimal camera density, and can host and run certified VMS management applications, recording servers, and other building control virtual servers on a single platform.

“Security systems today include more high-resolution cameras to capture relevant situational information. Our partnership with Quantum lets us deliver scalable video surveillance solutions with the storage capacity and access suited to the increased data volumes these systems generate,” said Jeremy Scott, Strategic Alliance Partner Manager, Americas, Milestone Systems.

”Buildings and cities have internet connected devices everywhere – cameras, badge readers, lighting, HVAC systems, and more – which creates a need to consolidate and manage this digital data in one place.  Being able to converge surveillance recording, VMS systems, and other building control applications onto a single platform means our customers can simplify their infrastructure as we help them create smarter and safer buildings and cities,” said Keith Bishop, Strategic Growth Manager for Data Enabled Business, Johnson Controls.

VS-Series Attributes

  • Easy to Deploy, Operate and Maintain: The VS-Series comes pre-installed with certified VMS applications, and can be installed and configured in minutes. It is backed by the world-class service and support of Quantum and our integrator partners.
  • Resilience: The VS-Series software offers a fault-tolerant design to minimize hardware and software issues, designed to virtually eliminate downtime.

The first products in the VS-Series are the VST10x mini-tower appliances, and the VS2112 and VS2124 2U servers.  Additional offerings will be available later this year.

“Quantum has a heritage of delivering intelligence and military technology to the commercial security industry, as well as years of experience with high-resolution video content in movie and TV production. The VS-Series draws from this heritage to offer a platform that is well-suited to the demands of video surveillance recording, and we’re excited to be able to extend our expertise and technology into this growing market,” said Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum.

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