Razberi Integrates Cybersecurity Solution with Milestone Video

Razberi, the intelligent surveillance platform company, has integrated its new CameraDefense cybersecurity solution with Milestone XProtect® Corporate, enabling organizations to consistently guard their video surveillance systems from a single user interface. Razberi CameraDefense protects IP cameras and corporate networks from cyber attacks by automating and scaling industry best practice cyber protections. Integrated into Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliances, the solution creates a video surveillance platform that defends the camera ecosystem with automated camera hardening, a secure appliance architecture, and cyber threat monitoring.

Many of our customers use Milestone XProtect, so merging the CameraDefense events and notification into a single management and operational dashboard creates a more efficient workflow to address cyber threats within their surveillance system infrastructure. Using CameraDefense, integrators and end users don’t need additional firewall products and special expertise to consistently implement and maintain cybersecurity best practices to protect their cameras and video surveillance platform. – Tom Galvin, Razberi CEO

Razberi’s integration with the Milestone video management software (VMS) creates a ‘single pane of glass’ for Milestone VMS operators to be notified and take action if CameraDefense detects a cyber threat. CameraDefense is policy-based, making security policies easy to implement when the installer executes the solution’s wizard on tens, hundreds or thousands of surveillance cameras.

Policies include key hardening practices such as closing unused ports and binding devices to known ports, removing unneeded network services, whitelisting to restrict traffic to known networks, and enforcing password complexity to stop default and common password usage. These best practices are automated with an easy-to-use dashboard to identify vulnerabilities across a system.

Should a violation occur on one or more of these policies, CameraDefense generates an event and posts it in real time to the Milestone Alarm Manager. The operator or end user can then notify the relevant personnel or investigate and remediate the violation.

In addition, Milestone operators can use CameraDefense events in their rules manager or event automation. If customer operations on Milestone are unattended, the incoming events can be routed via automated notification or other key actions using the Milestone Rules and Events features. For example, if a violation of a CameraDefense policy occurs at 3:00 in the morning, the customer can be notified in real time via text or email that an event has occurred.

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for physical security customers and requires proactive defense not reactive, costly fire drills. Razberi has taken a big step forward to interface CameraDefense cybersecurity in conjunction with the Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliance as a key part of the Milestone Solution Partner integration and ecosystem strategy. Extending this functionality to Milestone VMS users enables them to monitor and manage cyber threats as well as practice good cyber maintenance from within their video management software. – Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager, Milestone Systems

CameraDefense recently won an ASIS 2017 Accolades award, and Security Today magazine named the solution the 2017 “New Product of the Year” in the inaugural Cyber Defense Solutions category. 

More about Razberi CameraDefense

Embedded in the Razberi ServerSwitchIQ video surveillance appliance, CameraDefense hardens cameras automatically so they don’t become a liability. The unique, secure architecture with appliances deployed at the edge provides an isolated camera network by separating it from the business network with independent network interfaces and a confi­gurable VLAN. Integrated virus and malware protection guards the VMS by predicting known and unknown attacks to proactively prevent malware execution. Encryption-ready hardware supports trusted system boots with an embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The solution is compatible with all network cameras.

Razberi CameraDefense with automated camera hardening enables integrators to:

  • Block Unauthorized Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: Binds cameras and other IoT security devices to the network and prevents unauthorized devices from using Ethernet ports.
  • Limit Access to Cameras: Restricts camera access to whitelisted IP addresses, blocks camera traffic to the public Internet, flags weak passwords, and denies un-needed and potentially dangerous camera services with a next-generation firewall.
  • Monitor for Cyber Threats: Provides dynamic threat protection that evolves with new threats through machine learning and generates real-time security alerts for incident response.

For more information about cybersecurity best practices, download the Razberi white paper Top 6 Measures to Reduce Video Surveillance Cybersecurity Risks.