Safer Family Shelter with the Milestone Husky NVR

The Hamilton Family Center was founded in 1985 with the mission to break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness by helping families move quickly back into stable, healthy homes. HFC works to prevent evictions, provides temporary housing, helps families to become permanently re-housed, and supports the healthy development of children and youth experiencing homelessness. The center is designed to look like a residential building from the outside to provide extra protection for its residents due to the sensitive nature of their circumstances.

The Consulting Group Steps Up 

The Consulting Group (TCG) is a Milestone-certified security consultant group based in Northern California that has been working in the IP video surveillance sector for a decade. It has supervised and overseen security installations for the San Francisco Department of Public Works, Peralta Community College and the city of Pinole.

Jeanine Lovejoy, owner and senior project manager, said that TCG felt it was important to work with the Hamilton Family Center to help make a difference in the community. “We do a couple of pro-bono projects a year,” she said. “We really felt that this one was deserving of our time and energy, and we’re happy to have Milestone and Axis as our partners.”

Ease of Use Leads TCG to Milestone Husky NVR

Jeanine LovejoyJeanine Lovejoy knew from the start that HFC needed a system that would be easy to use, which was a primary reason that the Milestone Husky NVR was selected as the video platform.

“We don’t have users at this location who were very familiar with computer software,” Lovejoy said. “That’s what makes Milestone video management products so great. Training sessions are so easy, and the intuitive interface and simplicity of creating and managing views means we never have to teach someone twice.”

Dave Curto is Director of Operations for the Human Services Agency, which is responsible for all self-sufficiency programs in San Francisco, including the Hamilton Family Center. He says that he and his staff were able to learn how to use the Milestone Husky on the first demonstration. He also appreciates the ability to view incidents in real time and the ease of video export.

“We work closely with the San Francisco police,” Curto said. “They have access to view our security video, and with the new system, it’s so easy for them to grab the data they need and export it onto a drive. In addition, the image quality is such that video evidence from Axis and Milestone is consistently admissible in court, which was a major issue in our previous DVRs.”

Milestone Mobile Lets TCG Do Remote Security Monitoring

One of Lovejoy’s favorite features is the Milestone Mobile client, which allows TCG consultants to lend a hand with security monitoring.

If there’s a shift change, there may be some lag time when it comes to security monitoring,” Lovejoy said. “With Milestone Mobile, we’re able to pull up the system on our phones or iPads. There’s a lot of activity around the doors, so we’re able to capture each face that enters and make sure they are authorized to be at HFC. It’s a big help to the center which only has one full-time security guard. – Jeanine Lovejoy, Owner, The Consulting Group

Lovejoy is appreciative that Milestone and Axis technology contributes to this project, which presented unusual challenges.

“Above all, HFC has to be a safe place,” Lovejoy said. “The residents need to feel protected. Milestone and Axis technology assists in a big way to this project. In addition, the technical support teams have been extremely helpful with the installation and making themselves available to help with any matters that have arisen.”

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To learn more, visit The Hamilton Family Center.

Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Pedersen, PR & Communications Manager, Milestone Systems

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