San Miguel Police Respond in Real Time with Axis LPR

The previous camera system that the city of San Miguel used to support its mission of citizen safety and security had become obsolete. Security forces needed information on events in real time in order to adequately coordinate the deployment of their personnel. Such a system would allow them to respond as incidents were occurring, to quickly restore tranquility for the citizens. The goal was to acquire a new system that could easily be kept up to date.

A Future-Proof Solution

The best option to enable faster police response was an intelligent urban video surveillance system with network cameras from Axis Communications that offer video analytics. Thanks to the project implemented by installing partner Exanet, the city now has more than 300 devices throughout its urban area integrated into Milestone XProtect® open platform video management software (VMS).

This system allows local security forces to operate optimally. Video surveillance is now part of the local “Crime Prevention Operational Plan,” which consists of real-time monitoring from the Municipal Operations Center to detect suspicious scenarios and check license plates—one of the project’s biggest technological successes. The investment took into account not only the immediate benefits of intelligent security management but also the financial savings the system brings over the long term through ongoing upgrades and flexible scalability.

“Its robustness, durability, and Zipstream compression technology were key reasons why we chose Axis for this project; it offered greatly improved technical performance compared to the previous system.” Juan José Esper, Secretary of Public Safety in San Miguel.

LPR Quickly Restores Safety

This was possible thanks to the implementation of license plate recognition (LPR) using Axis cameras. This system improved the response capacity of city police by specifying the location of incidents and scanning the area using nearby cameras to detect perpetrators. These images have even served as forensic evidence in criminal investigations, identifying the people and vehicles involved and helping to provide a clearer picture of the situation.

“The goal of this project, which we have solidly achieved, was to change the way of ‘doing public safety’ so it would be in line with the public policies that the city has developed on this subject. The client understood the importance of using open technology, as well as the power of needs-based analytical integration, to achieve their safety and security objectives,” says Hugo Menegozzi, CEO of Exanet.

One notable advantage among the many offered by the system is the complete control that operators have over all the installed security cameras, the speed of access, the ease of mastering 360-degree operation, the readability of the images obtained in real-time—with unmatched sharpness, color, and detection of details— and the technical durability of the equipment and management system.

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