Chilean City Surveillance Improves Safety for Local Businesses and Citizens

Faced with growing crime rates, dissatisfied citizens, and fleeing businesses, the Chilean municipality of Santo Domingo set out to create a safer city. City officials for the coastal community of about 10,000 decided to deploy a citywide IP video surveillance system. The system is used for general surveillance, situational awareness, traffic control, and tracking suspicious persons and vehicles. Currently, a total of 72 cameras are in use in and around the city, including a mix of pan/tilt/zoom cameras, fixed cameras, night vision cameras, and a license plate recognition system.

For the community, security is a very important topic. We are one of the larger regions in the country and adjoined with the Port of San Antonio, where about 80% of the crimes in Santo Domingo come from. – Cristian Fuentealba, a spokesperson for the Citizen Security Department of Santo Domingo

The system and integration was designed and installed by WEBPCX Ingeniería Ltda., who also provide on-going support and operator training. Cristian Laude, a WEBPCX representative, explained that one of the main requirements of the system was that it be a centralized solution, but able to reach surrounding locations.

Good planning for the project was critical. We need to cover the city, including business areas, schools, and medical facilities, as well as provide through the network connections to remote areas. – Cristian Laude, a WEBPCX representative

The system was designed as a hybrid solution, with the Milestone IP VMS being carried across multiple fiber optic and wireless networks. Laude added that the Axis cameras and the wireless links from RADWIN have worked perfectly. The License Plate Recognition solution from Neural Labs with the Bosch cameras has provided excellent results for the high-speed LPR solution.

Thanks to this implementation, we have been able to maintain optimal levels of citizen security, which lead to Santo Domingo being recognized as the safest community in the region. This has created a new interest in our community, and we see businesses returning and investing here. – Cristian Fuentealba

Building on its success, the city plans to update its system to the newest release of XProtect this year. New camera installations within vulnerable areas are being planned as well.

When the project was presented, everybody was impressed with all that Milestone and its open technology platform is able to offer. The city is very satisfied with the platform and the mobile solution, which the Mayor and other officials use to monitor what is happening in the community. – Cristian Laude

Cristian Fuentealba added that through all indicators, the citizens of Santo Domingo recognize the safety and security benefits of the video system, and he added: “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and it’s rewarding to know that other communities, such as Las Condes, are following our lead with this system.”