Security: A Strategic Function for Modern Businesses

Whether physically or digitally, every company needs to be safe. Security is an investment that requires deep analysis before going for it since a bad decision could bring financial problems. Choosing the right security system can result in time and money savings for the organization.

Initially it is important to mention that not all corporate assets can be protected in the same way. It is one thing to control personnel access and a different thing to monitor the facilities. Similarly, it is different to check the manufacturing process than protecting financial information. Special devices are required for each task and, at the same time, it is necessary to have access to a software platform capable of integrating every security system.

And it is precisely the software that I want to emphasize. A big portion of the success of a security system lies in the harmony existing between the integrator (with the expertise to install the system) and the software platform, and the flexibility that such tools can provide. There should also be added value offered by the solution beyond security needs: the system’s capacity to contribute to the optimization of operational functions in the company.

In order to reach that harmony, it is necessary to have robust software capable of adapting new devices to the system when it is required (cameras, alarms, access controls, etc.). A software solution must also be easy to update and, finally, must be compatible with complementary developments that help to solve the daily problems of every organization.

Prosegur Argentina has developed some technologies for security systems that have helped us to improve productivity. The video, for example, can detect anomalies in machinery before it breaks, which reduces response time when a problem is found in the performance of such devices.

Another good example is the commodities market (raw materials), in which a security system can provide support along the manufacturing process, from the moment the product enters the factory until it comes out, through processes such as transportation through the plant, quality control and delivering at the port. In the past, the same process required a lot of people keeping records in a notebook, but now the video verification and recording does the same function without altering the logical production process. It is also possible to monitor the shipping companies with thermal cameras to avoid overheating of different components.

We also developed a remote monitoring system to verify the performance of security guards. We added analytic alerts for different CCTV camera brands, which are sent to the access control system in order to avoid several operators monitoring the systems.

For multinational companies, we want to highlight the importance of having a unifying, globalized management and control center, which permits standardized operations in different countries. We are able to provide this service thanks to federated XProtect software from Milestone Systems, which lets us provide regional services with central management.

In conclusion, our suggestion for the corporations is to evaluate the partner they are going to work with, the integrator expertise and the technology they will use, not only from the perspective of how known they are in the market, but also from the range of features that will be provided, so it will be possible to take the maximum advantage of any solution. The security in the company works like a chain in which every link (integrator, product and customer) play important roles in success.

By Gabriel Apel, Manager of the SES division (Security Electronic Systems) for Prosegur Tecnología, Argentina

Gabriel has more than 20 years of experience in the electronic security market and a high level of consultancy development. He participated in ISC West 2016, receiving training in the latest IP video solutions by SONY, Pelco industrial solutions, March Networks banking solutions in the 8000 series and Lenel’s OnGuard. At the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium held in February 2017, Prosegur received the award for 2016 Regional Partner of the Year for Latin America.