See a Demo: LenelS2 Access Control Integration with Milestone Video Software

Peter Lintzeris, Milestone Systems Sales Manager for Canada, was recorded this spring presenting the newly announced global partnership between Milestone and LenelS2.

This strategic, 10-year global agreement means that Lenel will distribute the Milestone video management products throughout EMEA, APAC and all of the Americas. The value for the end user s and resellers is that it allows them to deploy a very cost-effective, integrated solution which includes the best-of-breed access control and video management software (VMS).

ISC West 2019: Milestone Systems [VIDEO]

I’d like to show the integration with Milestone and LenelS2 working together. Here’s a quick overview of the user interface between our VMS and the Lenel S2 access control. As you can see in this graphical user interface (GUI), the access control is fully integrated with the video management system.

You have video associated with a particular door and when a person walks into that door and ‘badges’ it, you see the digital image of that person appear on the screen as visual verification. Because we have a very tight integration with LenelS2, the operator can very easily lock or unlock doors directly through one user interface – the Milestone user interface – without having to go to the access control interface. This is a unique, dedicated and seamless VMS integration with LenelS2.

This Milestone-LenelS2 solution also has the capability to show basic icons on a map. In addition to the video camera location icons, we can also show icons for different doors related to the access control from Lenel S2. It shows green when doors are open and by simply right-clicking an icon, the operator has full control to lock or unlock doors directly from the video user interface which then communicates the event to the LenelS2 system.

In addition to the interface that you’re seeing here, we have another dedicated access control tab on the Milsetone user interface. When you click on the access control tab, you get to see from the Milestone VMS all the events that are happening from the LenelS2 system. So when I click on the event, it pops up the credentials of the person that accessed the door and the video that’s associated with that event. Instant visual verification with a unified solution!

In the alarm management tab is a unification of both the VMS and the access control data. Thus, whenever you get any events happening from the access control, for example, you have an alarm access control alarm here. You click twice on this alarm to see the info, and you also get to acknowledge this alarm directly from the Milestone system.

This video was taken by SP&T / Canadian Security magazines at the ISC West 2019 trade show.

For more information on the Milestone LenelS2 integration, please go to the Milestone Marketplace:–xprotect-access-integration/.