Seneca Leverages Open Platform Video for Optimized Hardware Performance

Over the past several years, Seneca has worked closely with Milestone Systems to offer certified systems to the security market. Seneca is a Milestone Technology Partner in the Americas, working to expand the relationship into Europe and the Middle East. Seneca is also a primary member of the Milestone System Builder program, a new global initiative for hardware partners in the Milestone community that allows them to include a certified version of the Milestone VMS image on their platform.

The hardware partners in the Milestone System Builder Program who ship products with the Milestone VMS software can design hardware to fit specific surveillance market segments. This integration also helps hardware partners tap into the IoT and Artificial Intelligence markets through the Milestone community where Installers and customers benefit from the availability of tested, validated and certified hardware configurations.

“We see our role as removing any performance uncertainty regarding the hardware set-up, configuration or performance,” said Ron VanTassel, Market Development Manager, Physical Security, Seneca. “Customers want a simple, plug-and-play yet enterprise-level appliance. We provide that with having the Milestone VMS software pre-installed, making the system easy to deploy right out of the box.”

Seneca hardware systems are pre-loaded and custom-configured with Milestone Video Management Software (VMS) packages to ensure maximum performance and compatibility for the end user. VanTassel explained that IT managers insist on reliable products that can be both field serviced and upgraded, while bringing great manufacturer warranties and support. This approach addresses how administrators are always concerned about the impact an appliance will have on their network and how secure the system is.

“As engineers, integrators, and administrators of IP video management and other network-based security systems, we have a heavy reliance on the network,” said Jeremy Scott, Strategic Alliances Program Manager, Americas, at Milestone. “A certified Milestone solution with Seneca ensures the hardware and software integrations have been vigorously tested ensuring the core system will work as designed and perform its functions as intended. Our alliance with partners like Seneca allows us to deliver together the performance and reliability needed for these systems.”

Seneca began working with Milestone several years ago, using the Seneca lab to test and certify systems. By examining solutions within such a controlled environment, the company has built a deep understanding of the nuances of the hardware and software, and how to optimize the reliability, performance and security of the system as a whole.

“Ultimately, with our servers tested, optimized and certified, we achieve much higher levels of performance than generic, off-the-shelf systems,” said VanTassel. “We also make the server much easier for the integrators and resellers to deploy, so they don’t have to spend valuable time setting up and configuring the system.”

Enabling Emerging Technologies

“A global network of more than 8,000 hardware providers, camera manufacturers and software developers comprise the Milestone open platform community, and we all learn from each other,” said Scott. “A number of these partners are now quickly moving toward deploying various levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within their solutions.”

Open architecture technology enables video devices and software to operate as a platform; a perfect foundation for actualizing flexible, smarter and more intuitive systems. For example, Milestone has recently introduced several advances in hardware acceleration of third-party software. Instead of building the complete customer solution alone, partner companies can address a much larger market through the community.

Seneca now has a cloud-based software application, XConnect, that allows users to audit, manage and maintain a security system from a single dashboard. By using the Milestone Software Development Kit (SDK), Seneca engineers developed this easy-to-use dashboard that is securely integrated into the system, displaying the throughput and performance of the server, as well as alarms, alerts and other events.

“Our partnership with Milestone is growing toward optimizing video analytics, machine learning and AI opportunities,” said VanTassel. “And through this partnership, Seneca will be able to build servers that not only elevate CPU performance, but also leverage the power of graphics cards and other hardware systems for maximum, total hardware system operation.”

Seneca is a leading US manufacturer of computing technology for physical security and surveillance solutions. The Seneca security product line combines a high level of IP expertise and solution partnerships to create a series of certified network video recorders, viewing stations and storage platforms. These solutions have been specially engineered and built to meet the demanding requirements of Video Management Software (VMS) and Access Control applications. Seneca is a brand within Arrow Electronics, a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.