Smaller Companies Improve Cybersecurity Together

With Milestone’s heightened focus on community, I found this post interesting on supporting a community approach for cybersecurity in small businesses:

Small and mid-sized companies generally “outsource” their IT and cybersecurity to an outside service provider and then cross their fingers hoping that it’s good enough. Banks, Credit Unions, Clinics, Hospitals and other regulated businesses do this as often as law firms, retail companies, and manufacturers. And universally, companies are not ready to spend much money on cybersecurity. That’s why we need to pool our resources and work together.

Improving Together

By joining a Cybersecurity Community of Excellence, every small and mid-sized business can compare notes with peers, benchmark security and IT efforts, pool resources, share knowledge, and systematically improve each area of cybersecurity compliance following international standards and best practices (US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Baldrige, ISSA Cybersecurity Association). In short, be protected like the big corporations for pennies a day.

For only $895/year you can join now:


Republished with permission from the LinkedIn post on September 19, 2016 from Steve Hunt, CISO Strategist / CyberSecurity Performance Improvement and Supply Chain Risk Management Coach / Speaker

Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, PR & Communications Manager, Milestone Systems

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