Smart Security for Smarter Campuses

Camera, IP, IP Camera, IP Video, Open Platform, Performance, Security, Video, Video Surveillance, VMS, XProtect, Milestone Systems, Open Platform Community, KiwiSecurityUniversities and schools are the places that shape the minds that will create our future. Video analytics can be a key element in creating a solution that provides safety without physical barriers, allowing a guarantee that students find the safest possible environment for learning.With intelligent video analytics, safety managers and security officers receive a tool capable of automatically detecting events or analyzing peoples’ behavior. It also provides information necessary for situational awareness and more effective actions. Regardless of the officers position on the campus they are able to be notified on a computer or smartphone when any alarm is triggered. But most importantly, the privacy of the uninvolved people stays protected.

HIPPA, EuroPriSeal, Milestone Systems, Open Platform Community, VMS, IP Video, Security, Video Surveillance, XProtectThe Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), high-schools of Vienna, lower Austria and Germany were among the first customers relying on the technology. This solution is the only video surveillance product certified with EuroPriSe, which certifies products compliant with European privacy laws. By applying the Privacy Protector®, personal data is obscured through pixelization to anonymize people; however, actions remain recognizable.

The privacy of people is protected by pixelizing the visual image to the operators and applying military grade encryption to the original video stream which can only be accessed in the case of an incident. Every executed or attempted decryption is logged.

The clear evidence video can only be accessed through super user codes – by authorized users only. The solution is independently certified and compliant with international privacy laws like the HIPPAA and the European privacy policy.

 Mark Heller, KiwiSecurity, Security, Video, Open Platform, Open Platform CommunityBy Mark Heller, Marketing & Communications, KiwiSecurity.
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