Social Distancing Solutions with the Power of Open Video

As nations have started to lift COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, crowds of people have flocked to parks to enjoy warmer temperatures — risking social-distancing guidelines that are deemed crucial to prevent a second wave of the virus.

In parallel, shops are asked to ensure a safe reopening in adherence with the requirements coming from health authorities, e.g. that people need to maintain a social distance of at least one meter.

Typically, governments and organizations are faced with the following challenges:

  • Which part of my city, shop or premises are most crowded and when?
  • How do I make sure my building or shop doesn’t get over-crowded?
  • How do I know when people are getting too close to each other?
  • How do I address people and avoid confrontation or incidents at the entrance to a store?
  • How can video technology help manage these challenges and provide a safe route out of lock-down?

COVID-19 preventive measures

During a pandemic crisis, social distancing is one of the preventive measures that individuals, organizations or governments should or must take. However, enforcing and maintaining these physical distance rules are not easy. It’s human nature to get close and interact with each other.

According to the recommendations of the World Healthcare Organization (WHO), people need to maintain a minimum social distance of 1 meter, and many countries maintain 1.5 meters. In shops and grocery stores, 10 sq. meters per person should be used to determine the max number of people allowed inside at the same time.

It can be challenging for a shop owner to monitor the behavior of all customers in a store. However, not maintaining or complying with the social-distancing rules may result in hefty fines for organizations, and puts people at significant risk.

It’s a joint societal responsibility to maintain these rules and to make sure a second wave of the pandemic does not occur or accelerate.

Open platform technology

Based on open platform video technology provided by Milestone XProtect, end users and integrators can create a tailored end-to-end solution in cooperation with the Milestone Community of partners. Milestone Tech Partners provide best-of-breed interoperable solutions for any situation or demand.

The open platform provides the necessary video features and control, combined with the power to integrate innovative partner technology to assist with the four-stage process of social distancing: situational awareness, visual verification for confirmation, response and addressing issues, and control.

Read the solution details in the full paper from Roy Band, Community Manager, Middle Europe, Milestone Systems.

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