Speed Skating Competition Officiates Decisions with Axis and Milestone Video

High frame-rate Axis network cameras will be mounted above the ice to capture high-speed events during the 2017 Canada East Short Track Speed Skating Championships. Milestone XProtect video management software shows camera views live or recorded.

Axis Communications’ high frame rate network cameras are being used to help in the officiation of the 2017 Canada East Short Track Speed Skating Championships in Ottawa, Canada on March 25 and 26. This Speed Skating Canada event is expected to host hundreds of people at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, as families and fans will watch exciting and thrilling racing by the top youth speed skaters in eastern Canada.

The most talented speed skaters from the eastern provinces of Canada will gather for this event to participate in various distance events and races. Due to the high speeds of skaters competing, referees will require camera views at the entrance and exits of corners of the track to determine penalties.

We needed stable cameras that could provide a high frame rate. The action is so fast and this replay system will allow us to go back and determine what happened. We can look for penalties and properly identify the competitor by a number on their helmet which can be tracked by the cameras. These Axis cameras will be vital in supporting referees make calls on the ice. – Eric Lecompte, Co-chair of Sponsorship, Media and Promotions for the 2017 Canada East Short Track Speed Skating Championships

AXIS Q1615 Network Cameras will be mounted on boards surrounding the ice. The AXIS Q1615 Network Cameras have the ability to provide up to 60 frames per second (fps) in HDTV 1080p resolution, providing smooth video when decisions need to be made with differences as close as one millisecond. These cameras are also designed for this rugged environment, equipped with electronic image stabilization and shock detection. These cameras are slated to travel across Ontario to be used in future speed skating events.

The cameras will be streaming back through Milestone XProtect Essential video management software, which will allow officials to easily review video on their smartphones. The software comes with three different user interfaces including the Milestone Mobile client which was especially of interest to the speed skating organization.

It is great to collaborate with Canada East Short Track Speed Skating Championships and Milestone on this project. The cameras that are being utilized on this project speak to our strong product portfolio and most importantly, will have a positive impact on the outcome of this competition. – Keith D’sa, National Sales Manager, Canada, Axis Communications, Inc.