CCTV Upgraded to IP in States of Jersey

Milestone Systems’ XProtect Corporate and Interconnect are helping to deliver a highly secure and flexible platform for permission-based access to over 90 CCTV cameras managed by the States of Jersey Police.

Photo credit States of Jersey Police DepartmentLocated just 22 kilometres (about 14 miles) off the coast of Normandy in Northern France, Jersey is the southernmost and largest of the Channel Islands. It enjoys unique Crown Dependency status, being both protected by United Kingdom from a military perspective while at the same time remaining independent of it.

Photo credit Dave ConnerThe States of Jersey Police serves a resident population of 97,800 people as well as over 700,000 visitors to Jersey each year. The force needed to improve the quality and reliability of the ageing CCTV system being managed across Jersey’s town centre, airport, harbour areas and at its own headquarters-based Custody Suites.

The force – which is led by chief officer Mike Bowron QPM – also wanted to enable specific police officers to have secure access to relevant cameras that would assist them in tracking suspects between the island’s key entry points with a view to reducing crime on a substantial level.

Configuration of the CCTV

Photo credit States of Jersey Police DepartmentThe States of Jersey Police’s nine-strong IT Department, which led the project to upgrade and bring the four separate CCTV systems together, worked directly with Milestone Systems’ Professional Services team on configuring the surveillance regime to meet specific requirements.

As well as upgrading the CCTV cameras to IP video in the town centre, at the harbour and the airport, the States of Jersey Police also wanted to bring all of these previously separate systems into one single centralised video management system based at its headquarters in Rouge Bouillon, St Helier.

Originally published in Risk UK magazine; vsit here for the complete story.