Steel Trader P.T. Post Increases Revenue with Milestone Video for Inventory Control, Reduced Loss

On large factory premises such as P.T. Post Eisenhandel, the largest steel trader in Rhineland, Germany, it is challenging to get an accurate situational awareness of people, inventory and resources. There might be cases when materials and supplies disappear without a trace. The staff are simply not able to cover the large area, leaving large parts with no supervision.

A new security installation not only provides extra security, but also reduces costs and increases revenue for the German steel trader. After installing an intelligent security system from Milestone, the irregularities in inventories have fallen significantly at P.T. Post Eisenhandel. The system has also strengthened customer relationships and company branding, since there are less production stops due to missing parts. This is giving a higher level of confidence in P.T. Post Eisenhandel for the customers.

The video monitoring solution was installed to connect all motion detectors, cameras and other modules with a professional control center – Milestone Systems video management software XProtect Professional connected to a Protego 24 alarm system. The solution is operated by the Milestone Partner Freihoff Security Service.

Before the Milestone video security system implementation, there was no control of access to the company premises, which is a busy site with a lot of daily visitors. In P.T. Post Eisenhandel’s case, this resulted in issues with losses due to wares being loaded on trucks not matching the invoices, leading to losses and inaccurate inventory. Previously this was not detected or resolved, and staff were spread all over the huge area unable to do manual checks.

The Milestone solution pays off not only because of lower losses, but also through more efficient processes.

The Milestone security system is showing all the gates including loading bays and truck scales, in addition to perimeter protection. This means the steel trader has gained a complete situational awareness of the huge premises – something not possible before.

The core of the new security installation is Milestone’s video management software, which displays and records images from the installed network cameras. The open platform software of the Milestone management system is integrated with the access control and the truck load data. All incidents reported by the Milestone software are fed to the control center of Protego 24.

If the incoming and outgoing weight of a truck does not match the delivered or picked-up goods, the security system triggers an alarm. If there are incidents, response can be immediate – addressing the intruders through loud speakers and alerting the security services or law enforcement.

Thanks to the wirelessly connected cameras and sensors, the installation is flexible and can easily be adapted to future needs. The system is easy to use and operate thanks to the Milestone partners – Protego 24 and Freihoff.

About P.T. Post Eisenhandel
Founded in 1970, this company quickly became the largest regional steel trader between Cologne and Düsseldorf. Today, P.T. Post Eisenhandel has competent and motivated employees for the highest quality and reliability. To always offer the customers the best possible service, they have not only constantly modernized and expanded their operating equipment, but also expanded warehouses and offices several times. For more information visit