Stress-tests Spectra Verde Capacities

“Spectra Logic’s Verde with Archive SMR drives … is a secondary file storage platform offering solution capacities ranging from 48TB up to an eye-popping 7.1PB of raw storage. […] The Spectra Verde is designed specifically for taking large amounts of data and writing it to a medium where it will stay for a long time with little to no access. This puts the Verde more the in tape replacement business than a full-fledged primary storage NAS.

To that end, we paired with Milestone to do the bulk of the testing, showing the Verde in its native environment. Leveraging Milestone to orchestrate 440 virtual cameras, we created an environment that’s similar to what a a mid-sized casino or perhaps a municipality may use. We amped up the recorder server with a large RAM footprint and NVMe storage, to ensure we provided the Verde as wide a fire hose as possible to ingest. The bottom line is that the system happily consumed the write events as the recording server filled up, chugging in the data at about 600MB/s. In fact, the Verde could probably handle more, we just topped out other resources in our test environment.

Spectra Logic has done something pretty neat here with the Verde. They’ve designed around a new HDD technology that’s specifically architected to favor near-constant sequential writes that aren’t changed much over time, very similar to the profile of tape. In the surveillance use case we designed around, the execution is perfect, the Verde does precisely what it is supposed to. Pair this execution with RAID Z3 availability and the pricing per TB benefits of the HDDs, and the Verde is a top-class solution for this and similar workloads.”


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