Strategic Lighting for Better Safety

Much like you wouldn’t want to snap a photo without your flash on in a dim environment, no one wants to look back at security footage and see dark and grainy images. Still, pouring light over a specified area is not the right answer either. If you want to get the most out of your lighting solution you must utilize what is referred to as strategic lighting.

The strategic placement of an independent lighting source is vital in obtaining consistent illumination, increased image quality and the ability to use lighting as a crime deterrent. In order to implement the correct strategy to achieve the aforementioned results, you must have the knowledge and acumen surrounding security lighting. This is where the help of an experienced lighting professional will come of great value to you.

How can it be used to increase the value of an already installed security system?

Iluminar blogWhen installing a video surveillance system, all end-users look to obtain the best value possible. Unfortunately, few are, from the start, aware of the issues CCTV cameras encounter concerning integrated lighting. This usually leaves them with less money and a system that doesn’t fully serve their needs.  However, many of the issues associated with surveillance camera’s video quality can be corrected with the proper lighting.

One important thing to consider is the fact that video analytics cannot work properly without sufficient illumination.  Things like object recognition, intrusion detection and facial recognition are nothing more than expensive add-ons if your camera cannot see. This essentially means that if you are purchasing surveillance cameras for their ability to collect pertinent data, but not investing in strategic lighting, there is money being wasted.

Lighting as a Deterrent

The strategic implementation of lighting enables integrators and end-users to go beyond simply providing higher video quality and performance, and work as a crime deterrent. Just the presence of light alone carries the power of instantly discouraging criminals. However, this can be taken even further by combining the light with another alarm system already in place. For example, a white light illuminator that is set to go off when perimeter intrusion is detected will not only increase video clarity and startle an intruder, but also make them visible to others in the area and let them know that they are being watched.

Iluminar, Eddie Reynolds, lighting, CCTV, camerasby Eddie Reynolds, Owner, Iluminar