Support Engineer Develops New Business Tools with Milestone SDK

Swedish System Integrator InSupport, a specialist in IP network video, has always been on the lookout for new ways to increase business by offering more intelligent security solutions to customers. An engineer at the company, Felix Östh, was not employed as a developer at the time, but InSupport CEO Fredrik Westin took Felix seriously when he suggested creating a tool that gives customers fast and easy access to relevant video incident information.

Easy to Develop Useful Add-ons

Felix is now a full-time developer at InSupport as the creator of the new tool, called TryggSupport. He made it by using the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK). He developed and integrated the functionality as an add-on to the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, which puts needed management functionality in easy reach of a video system operator.

The add-on is also used in a second tool for emergency services called TryggLARM. This tool features the ability to combine SMS and e-mail alarm messages, enabling faster and easier communication with customers. It can also coordinate action between several operators and external stakeholders. The tools allow InSupport to optimize customer communications and provide better real-time support for a superior customer experience.

Our CEO pointed me to the Milestone SDK and gave me an idea on how to start developing add-ons. Developing during and after work hours, I began experimenting and testing, and eventually found the idea of a support tool. The Milestone SDK is great as it’s very easy to get started – and to experiment with the many possibilities and be creative. It’s fun to start cool projects and test different features. – Felix Osth, InSupport

Felix now works full-time to develop new InSupport features and functionalities that could be useful for more industries and types of customers.

 A Future in Smart Solutions

TryggSupport is the first commercial plug-in developed by InSupport and was an instant success. The plugin has been sold to hundreds of companies in retail, real estate and surveillance sectors, with new customer requests coming in almost daily.

It has been very easy to develop new intelligent offerings and exciting features, and we’ve been able to improve our value proposition for our products,” said . “We have had many new business opportunities thanks to the add-on, and more customers requesting smart features and solutions tailored to their business needs. – Fredrik Westin, CEO at InSupport

About InSupport

System Integrator InSupport is specialized in networked video solutions offering simple and secure services. The company operates throughout the Nordic region with offices, data and support centers in Stockholm. InSupport strives to be on the technology forefront for their customers, leaving them free to focus on their core businesses.  An essential part of InSupport’s business platform is the development of smart solutions that create value and benefit for customers.

InSupport is a member of The Milestone Solution Partner Program. Approximately 70 percent of their solutions are based on Milestone Open Platform software. The alarm service TryggLARM automatically sends alarms using a dedicated alarm protocol, SMS or e-mail to contact an alarm or monitoring center if the system triggers an alarm. TryggSUPPORT is a complete support add-on that allows customers to contact InSupport’s Security Center through a smart client.