Technology Partners Helping Milestone ‘See the Future’

I recently took a stroll with Milestone Systems President & CEO Lars Thinggaard as he gave me a guided tour through some stunning landmarks in Denmark while sharing his vision to “make the world see the future.” The landscape and landmarks were stunning as was the simple yet sophisticated company vision.

I was able to “see” this vision not in person but at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium – MIPS 2017 – with the Jiva virtual reality video headset that was preloaded with messages by Milestone executives. Darn cool for a tech lover. The virtual reality experience continued into the Solution Innovation Lab of partners that have developed applications for the Milestone platform. The solution booths were grouped with purpose based on their technology offering, making exhibits efficient to visit and compare different approaches to a specific solution path.

The strongest technology news involved the discussion of collaboration with Intel to deliver progress on accelerated hardware performance metrics, allowing graphic processing throughput with lower use of computer overhead resources. This step forward will take a giant leap for the industry with the future collaboration of GPU technology with nVidia. Hardware has finally caught back up to the power of video software. Those who know how to evaluate available Milestone tools, customize them to build high performance solutions and then sell them effectively will certainly differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

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