Thailand’s Power Authority Connects with Milestone Video Platform for Safety and Quality Control


As Thailand’s leading, state-owned enterprise managed by the Ministry of Energy, the Electrical Generating Authority (EGAT) is responsible for electric power generation and transmission as well as bulk
electric energy sales in the country. With power generation sites and hydropower plants located over an hour’s drive away from the city, EGAT had previously incurred high labor costs as staff had to manually visit each site to observe the water levels, and sound the alarm when it was either too high or too low. Without a substantial amount of manpower to monitor and survey the water level of the reservoirs, safety has been compromised. Fishermen have lost their lives due to their boats capsizing because of the large rush of water when the dams are opened.

We needed an efficient video management software that provided a flexible and future-proof solution for the various power generation sites that we are monitoring. The flexibility and scalability of Milestone’s solutions allowed us to integrate our cameras seamlessly for quality round-the-clock surveillance. – Mr. Kriangsak Chinwong, System Analyst, and Head of Control Equipment, Northeastern Region, EGAT

Hydropower plants are highly classified and sensitive areas, and off limits to the general population, with employees only granted limited access – with some plants requiring more than 200 cameras. With the large amount of areas and number of plants that require surveillance, EGAT required a scalable and cost-efficient video surveillance system to enhance security, while monitoring the levels of the water reservoirs, which are used for agriculture and power generation.

An integrated solution

8-Bit Solution, a trusted Milestone Partner, recommended the installation of Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) to manage the large number of cameras involved. This was a cost-effective solution for EGAT, as they could integrate existing Axis cameras to survey these power generation sites offsite. 8-Bit Solution replaced the previous analog recording software with Milestone’s open platform IP-network solution at the sites of six hydropower plants, without causing any disruption to daily operations.

We remain committed to the safety of our employees as we continue pushing for sustainable environmental developments. Implementing a comprehensive video surveillance system with Milestone solutions allows us the ability to mitigate any potential dangers our staff may face, especially in highly sensitive zones such as hydropower plants and water dams. – Mr. Kriangsak Chinwong

Safety and efficiency

With Milestone solutions, EGAT is now able to use IP cameras to remotely monitor the volume of water for agriculture and power generation, a huge time and cost saver compared to their old system of having an employee driving out to manually look at the water gate. In addition, EGAT is able to monitor water levels before opening a water gate, preventing the unnecessary loss of lives.

The installation of XProtect video management software was a great success: with a 35% reduction in manpower and labor costs, EGAT is now able to distribute its resources more efficiently to focus on its development of clean technology.

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