The Body-worn Revolution

When talking about body-worn cameras, most people picture little cameras clipped onto the uniforms of police or security guards. Cameras that serve as eyewitnesses and capture visual evidence increase the effectiveness of any authority, and video surveillance generally plays a crucial role as a deterrent and investigative tool. But looking forward, body-worn technology will be revolutionary, benefiting and developing many areas of business and public engagement.

Proven Benefits in Crime Prevention

The benefits of body-worn cameras in security and law enforcement are many; the most obvious is capturing evidence used for investigations regarding actions of both the perpetrators and the law enforcement officers or private security professionals. Here, the body-worn camera can show what the wearer saw and fill in blind spots that surveillance cameras with other views may have missed.

Another benefit is the body-worn camera’s power to deter inappropriate behavior. Often, the mere presence of a body-worn camera can lower the number or severity of incidents.

Finally, footage captured on body-worn cameras is well suited for training purposes as it shows first-hand the types of episodes that can occur.

Triggers and Actions – More Than Security

Depending on the setup, a body-worn camera can respond to various triggers. If the camera contains a GPS, it can send real-time information as to where help, service or backup is needed, so the optimal personnel can be dispatched. If the camera contains a gyro, it can sense if a person falls down and is in need of assistance, be it crime or health related.

The advantages of body-worn cameras are not limited to law enforcement and private security. Many opportunities await developments that can make a real difference for people and businesses. Customer service, field service, health functions and research are just some of the areas where the use of body-worn cameras can have a positive impact.

And with the implementation of 5G comes the possibility of live streaming on a scale that can completely change triggers and response time in any given situation.

Seeing Beyond the Camera to an Open Future

It’s important to think not only about the camera, but also about the software management platform, which should enable flexible, customized solutions and processing collected multi-data – independent of hardware manufacturers.

This is where Milestone System’s XProtect open video management software (VMS) platform comes into play.

Whereas many body-worn camera solutions work as stand-alone systems, integration with Milestone’s open platform allows video data to be seamlessly linked to other technologies. A VMS that is interoperative with data from other devices allows ongoing inclusion of new state-of-the-art hardware, making your system future-proof.

This also makes it possible to run data through a multitude of analytics software, increasing the knowledge gained, the access to that knowledge and the ability to identify exactly what is needed – which can ultimately reduce investigation times.

With an open solution, body-worn cameras can serve as eyes in the world to strengthen first-line service functions across industries, empowering people, improving lives, and enhancing interactions up close and across the globe.

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