The Boring Toolbox Slashes Time Spent Managing XProtect VMS – Up to 97%

The cure for tedious camera management and reporting is here! The Boring Labs has made its debut, announcing its Boring Toolbox, a series of functional tools that help enterprises and integrators more efficiently manage medium-to-large distributed video surveillance security networks using Milestone XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate. Initial tools include hardware/device name, password, and device-group management that reduce the time spent on these manual functions by up to 97%.

While working as a leading Milestone integrator, we found that our customers regularly ignored cybersecurity compliance recommendations for passwords because of XProtect’s inability to change passwords in bulk. Tasks such as camera grouping were arduous and manual and could take system administrators hours or days to complete. We’ve created The Boring Toolbox to make managing Milestone XProtect installations easier and less boring. – Ronen Isaac, CEO of The Boring Lab

The Boring Lab’s newly developed application programming interface (API) is optimized to work with the Milestone software development kit (SDK) to improve application speed and user experience for greater performance and flexibility. Initial functions include:

  • Password Management: Allows bulk camera password changes in Milestone to comply with modern IT cybersecurity policies—showing a reduction from 67 hours of labor for a thousand camera system down to just 20 minutes and 10 clicks. Passwords can also be simultaneously synchronized to Axis cameras, speakers and other devices.
  • Device Group Management: Allows automatic grouping of cameras based on models, firmware or recording server storage configuration. Trials show that The Boring Toolbox reduces task time by 97%.
  • Hardware & Device Name Management: Renames hardware and devices in bulk—potentially reducing task time by over 90%.
  • Reporting Function: Quickly exports filterable Excel spreadsheets with information such as point-in-time camera snap shots, recording server hardware type, network information and video stream for at-a-glance system audits that will ensure system compliance to customer or company standards.

Blazing Fast, Beautifully Simple Interface, Tight Integration

The Boring Toolbox is a really exciting verified Milestone Technology Partner product that fine-tunes the operational side of managing medium-to-large XProtect systems. With The Boring Toolbox, our customers and system integrators can see an exponential decrease in time spent on management functions. We look forward to seeing more features added by the team at The Boring Lab. – Jeremy Scott, Strategic Alliances Program Manager – Americas, Milestone Systems

The Boring Toolbox is a Windows-based application available immediately at Additional features and functionality will be introduced by The Boring Lab and will be available at no charge to all Boring Upgrade Subscribers. Package prices start at $999 to manage up to one hundred cameras. More cameras can be added in increments of ten. Product demonstrations are available on YouTube.

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