The Key to Community – Partner Power!

Sophisticated open Application Programming Interface (API) and multiple Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable vendors to hard wire their technology into XProtect. Over the last year, Milestone has been stepping up its commitment to both systems integration (SI) partners and vendor solution partners.

What does this mean in terms of concrete developments for partners? Firstly, Milestone today is forming up to five deep-level integration-based partnerships with vendor solution partners each month. For example at the IFSEC trade show this year, Milestone unveiled a partnership with server and PC giant Dell, which will see enterprise-sized security systems being ‘road tested’ in Dell’s advanced testing facilities around Europe. Dell’s IP Video Platform Design and Calibration lab located at its Customer Solution Centre in Limerick, Ireland, now becomes a vital new resource for Milestone to provide their UK  & Ireland-based customers and integrators with validated and benchmarked solutions. Simultaneously, Dell will be working with Milestone to optimise its servers for use with certain-sized systems to make the server configuration process for video management that much easier for system integrators.

By the end of 2017, Milestone expects at least 1,200 more of these strategic partnerships with IT, physical security and analytics vendors; 400 such integrations exist already. The workload to create these includes programming unique SDKs to ensure that vendor solutions work well together and wrapping documentation around these kits to make developers and decision-maker adoption and usage easier.

Video Surveillance is the Base; Access Control Booming

We think existing partners are collectively downloading an additional 150 SDKs per month now, and this activity is growing month to month. – Trine Voss, Head of Solutions Partner Program, Milestone

milestone-xprotect-clients-2016-retail-parking-bikesMilestone has also been looking more closely at the processes and workload associated with vendor integrations. It now focuses hard on improving SDK documentation and front-end User Interfaces (UIs), within XProtect Smart Client and Milestone Mobile (the platform for displaying video on smart devices) for example. Vendor partners are asked to focus their resources on making sure their software is working optimally with Milestone’s XProtect software.

There is a boom ongoing in IP-based access control which Milestone is well-placed to take advantage of because of its early rollout of the Milestone Access Control Module (ACM). XProtect Access Control provides a platform for integration of a wide range of access control offerings already, wtih the innovation going on right now revolving around tightening integration between access control and IP video.

Integration is Working

IP access control and IP video integrations are being put in successfully across the UK. Milestone Platinum Channel Partner NW Systems Group recently integrated a pure IP video and IP access control system for Liverpool-based transport-on-demand innovator Cabfind. This install saw Axis network cameras and door controllers, combined with Imron access control software, Milestone Access Control Module and XProtect Smart Client.

The results have been very positive:

As well as delivering a highly streamlined access control and surveillance system in our headquarters today, NW Systems has developed a fully-networked system which is capable of being expanded as we strive for further efficiency. For example, we may extend the use of the door control system, enabling it to double as a Time & Attendance system to help us better manage our people going forward. – Michael Luddington, CFO at Cabfind

Networking Solves Problems

“Almost all projects today involve at least three vendors’ systems so we see it as our job to make sure multiple ecosystems of products work well together. We want to put to work the power of multiple partnerships we are now building in order to design and deliver a fully integrated solution for the customer. By working together more closely with vendors and involving our integration partners more actively, we stand a much greater chance of winning projects which improve Return on Investment (ROI) faster. We are positioned at the very heart of inevitable market change, offering to provide the relationship and technology ‘glue’ to stick together a wide range of physical security and business operational systems with IP video.” – Thomas Lausten, VP EMEA for Milestone Systems

This article ran originally in GIT Security magazine.

thomas-lausten-1by Thomas Lausten, VP EMEA, andmilestone-trine-voss  Trine Voss, Head of Solution Partner Program, Milestone Systems