The Modern Viking Spirit

In his new book ‘Business Magnetism – The Power of Partnership’ our CEO and President of Milestone Systems, Lars Thinggaard, describes what it has taken to achieve sustained, profitable growth in the face of tough competition from industry giants. Especially tough for a company based in Denmark with global aspirations.

Growing up in Denmark I learned the important part of the Danish DNA represented by the history of the Vikings. In ancient times they explored the world, built far-reaching trade routes and won many battles facing formidable opponents.

International business, travel and adventure also became key elements in the course of my own career. Working as a consultant in the security industry 8 years ago, destiny brought me into a meeting with Lars Thinggaard and John Blem, one of Milestone Systems’ founders.

BlueRedGlobeDigitalRing_250They hired me to develop a proposal for a global IT and telecom service provider, who was considering a big investment in a hosted video surveillance solution and service offer based on Milestone software. The project was ahead of its time and didn’t get implemented, but it became clear to me that Milestone Systems was a remarkable company on its way to something much bigger.

I liked that Lars was so passionate about the company and its potential for driving the industry in a new direction of open platform solutions and enabling businesses visually. Everybody I worked with on the project seemed to share Lars’ passion and will to win, and I dropped my consulting business to join Milestone full time on its journey to introduce the advantages of open architecture and an open business model.

business magnetism coverToday, Lars has published his book about that voyage and the foundation that makes Milestone successful: great technology and Scandinavian management principles combined with a strong culture of openness, collaboration and the passion to win.

Passion to win and believing that more is possible drives us at Milestone, just like it drove the Vikings who reached the shores of Greenland and America as the first travelers from Europe. That is also what Lars’s book is about, documenting the Viking spirit of the modern world.


Karl Erik Trabergby Karl Erik Traberg, Head of Corporate Communications, Milestone Systems

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