Top 5 Most Popular eLearning Courses to Get Started

Milestone continues to raise the bar for providing high-quality training and performance support tools – for free!  This ensures partners have what they need to perform successful installations that meet customer demands. Training tools are also available to help customers make the most of their Milestone video management system. As the global leader in open platform IP video solutions, it is Milestone’s responsibility to support the entire community; the Learning & Performance program does this by promoting ease-of-use and on-the-job performance with our video monitoring solutions.

Knowing I am following the best-practice process gives me confidence that I did it correctly and efficiently. – Engineer at a Milestone Partner

Milestone’s extensive eLearning and video tutorial libraries provide support throughout the entire journey, whether you are a system designer, installer, integrator or user. These also cover how to maintain and troubleshoot your system, as well as keeping you up to speed on the latest product updates.

I found this valuable to provide to our lead CCTV Technicians to utilize in every project. – President of a Milestone Partner company

As Milestone gears up for our third annual release, XProtect 2018 R3, our Learning & Performance team is very busy. In support of each release, the L&P team does the following:

  • Creates a brand new “Exploring XProtect Features” course: An overview of the features included in the latest product release, why these features are important, and how they can optimize your current system. There’s an optional deep dive into the technical details of each feature.
  • Creates new eLearning course(s) on how to configure new features (if necessary).
  • Updates existing eLearning courses to reflect the latest release.
  • Updates existing instructor-led training materials.
  • Updates certification assessments.

At the close of each fiscal quarter, the Learning & Performance team reviews usage and survey results of eLearning courses and video tutorials. Since the release of the new video tutorials in mid-June, these are the top 5 most-popular tutorials, viewed over 6,000 times, in just 3 months:

  1. Getting Started with XProtect – Add Cameras: 2,002 views
  2. Getting Started with XProtect – Prepare to Install: 1,894 views
  3. Smart Client: View Live Video: 1,347 views
  4. Getting Started with XProtect – Install the VMS: 1,310 views
  5. Getting Started with XProtect – Check the Configuration: 971 views

Maintaining existing training tools and content is an important component for business success that Milestone takes seriously. Milestone recently updated two of our most popular eLearning courses to reflect the industry-wide trend of moving to C-code, how to access important Milestone Support tools, and added a module to cover Smart Search, to name a few.

I managed to learn something new, hence promoting more interest in the system and boosting confidence. – Sales Director at a Milestone Partner

Since mid-August, 17 tutorials have gone live about working with the Milestone Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop value-adding integrations such as access control, video analytics, biometrics, GPS locators, transaction interoperability in retail environments, and many other systems or devices.

Get your smarts in gear! Check out all the new Milestone video tutorials on our YouTube page.

by Megan McHugh, Training Marketing Manager, Milestone Systems – Americas.