Security Experts Talk About Trends on the Horizon

It has been said that video surveillance is responsible for driving growth in the security industry as a whole and it is easy to see why many people feel that way. Anyone who has ever been to an industry tradeshow can personally attest to the fact that security camera vendors easily outnumber their security counterparts in show aisles by a wide margin. But despite its prominent position, video surveillance is also the product segment that is the most influx. (SIW) recently reached out to a number of industry experts to get their take on what developments we can expect to see unfold in market during 2016.

SIW: What do you think will be the most significant trend that takes shape within the video surveillance market in 2016?

Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications: For several years, IP video has become the de facto choice for enterprise systems. Meanwhile, the market has recognized the opportunity for and benefit of IP video in small and mid-size systems, which will continue in 2016. In very small systems, cloud-based systems will become more important. The common theme tying this trend together is the importance of ease of design, ease of install and ease of use.

Karl Erik Traberg, head of corporate communications, Milestone Systems: We believe that video enabling will gain momentum in 2016. Video management software fits into a broad range of business management applications, such as enterprise resource management, operations and supply chain management as well as customer relationship management. Milestone refers to this as video enabling business. The adoption is speeding up as vendors and system integrators learn to include both security and business solutions in their offerings.

The key opportunity for the Milestone partner network is to shift the conversation with customers from cost to business value and to generate interest in larger investments in new technology solutions for enhanced business purposes.


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