Unique AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect Streamlines Installations and Unlocks Features

Designed exclusively for Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS), AXIS Optimizer is a suite of plugins and features that optimize the usability of cameras from Axis Communications that are running with XProtect. It offers maximum value to end users and system integrators by delivering all needed plugins for optimally running Axis devices within XProtect. This unlocks all the features and capabilities in both the Axis devices and XProtect VMS, bringing unique value to system integrators, administrators and operators.

AXIS Optimizer was created by Axis just for Milestone and no other VMS in the market. For anyone using the Milestone platform to manage their video with Axis cameras and radar detectors, these tools ensure that you get the most out of your integrations between these two global market leaders.  Streamline with one-time installation that unlocks great Axis device features and operation,” says Jeremy Scott, Strategic Alliances Manager, Milestone Systems Americas.

Traditionally, system integrators or XProtect end users need to manually handle the plugin management process for the range of Axis devices on their network. AXIS Optimizer saves considerable time and effort to search for, download, install and configure all required plugins for operating Axis devices with Milestone VMS.

The management features in AXIS Optimizer include dewarping, perimeter defender, camera shaker and a new menu option giving easy access to camera commands. A special plugin provides easy management of the AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, making it a seamless experience to access the control interface directly from the XProtect Smart Client.

  • Dewarping: smooth 360°dewarping of client-side live and recorded video using Axis panoramic cameras
  • Radar: easy management and rules configuration of radar settings, detection zones, etc. for AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector from the Milestone Management Client
  • Axis Camera Assistant: automatic camera settings configuration for all devices from the Milestone Management Client
  • On Screen Controls, SpeedDry: remove water and condensation by accessing camera-specific features in Axis PTZ cameras directly in the XProtect dashboard
  • On Screen Controls, Wiper: remove excess water and rain from the lens of Axis positioning cameras directly in the XProtect dashboard
  • Focus Recall: get instant focus even in challenging lighting conditions from the Milestone Management Client

Download AXIS Optimizer here: